Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bharat asking Sandhya to come at back of the auditorium, he has got Chris. She says I m following Chandu. He asks is she sure. She says yes, and thinks where did Chandu go. Emily thinks if Sooraj knows about Lalima, his state will get more bad. Bhabho thinks she is cheating her son, as its for his good, Lalima is his medicine and will make him old Sooraj. Meenakshi and Lokesh bring Lalima there. Sooraj says Sandhya has come.. Lalima sits beside him. The pandit asks about bride’s family. Bhabho asks Lokesh to sit. The pandit says put the wood sticks in kund, its time for pheras.

Bhabho sees the dry sticks, it means it got changed, dry sticks will catch fire, and Sooraj will react. Sandhya catches Chris and arrests him. She asks his master plan. He says I m innocent man. She asks again. He says you are mistaken, I m a photographer. Bharat comes and says he is saying true, sorry we did not recognize you and returns his wallet. He says who is Chris, I have seen identity of all foreigners, is he any human or any mission. Bhabho thinks to change the sticks else Sooraj will get the attack. The pandit asks her to sit, its imp ritual. Meenakshi thinks she has changed the sticks, she will get the money, she did the hardwork and smiles.

Bhabho thinks it will ruin everything, Lalima will see Sooraj’s mental state and break this marriage, pandit will light fire anytime. Bharat writes Chris and says what can it be. He writes it reverse and reads Sir HC. She says Hemant Chauhan who has inaugurated the power units. Chandu goes to the place and beats the man. He thinks now no one can stop me. He goes to power room and informs his men. He says this is Chris whom he came to meet, Himanshu’s sacrifice will not go waste. He sees a chip and says this is big step towards our big step.

Sandhya says it means Hemant Chauhan is involved. Bharat says or maybe Chandu will harm him, we have to alert him, lets go. Hemant Chauhan is in the function. Sandhya and Bharat hear the fire alarm. The people start running. She says this fire alarm is hoax. She thinks she has seen Ris on the transformer board and checks it. She sees Chris and says it means Chandu is near transformer unit Chris. She runs to catch him.

Bhabho is worried and Meenakshi is smiling that Lalima will see the truth and marriage will break. The pandit keeps the sticks. Bhabho thinks she knows this fire will hurt Sooraj, its fine if Lalima knows her lie, but she won’t let Sooraj suffer. Sandhya looks for Chandu. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj should react soon, and tells Vikram that Sooraj is looking good. Chandu breaks the glass box by the laser.

Sandhya sees the guy fallen and thinks Chandu is here, I won’t leave him. The power goes. Babasa says power went, we will go out and see. Vikram tells Bhabho that he will see if he can get emergency light. Mohit also goes. Bhabho thinks Lord has shown again that he is with me. Chandu takes the power chip. Meenakshi thinks why did the power go. Sandhya comes there in power room and Chandu leaves. She gets shocked seeing the unit stolen, and says it means Chandu has lost with Chris. She tells Bharat that Chris is electricity backup unit, which can hold power for 10 hours, stop the drama group, Chandu is one of them. She realizes her Bluetooth fell and says I have to inform Bharat.

Sandhya runs in the darkness. Vikram and Mohit bring the emergency lights. Bhabho thinks its good power went, she got chance to change the sticks. Mohit says power will come in few hours. The pandit lights the sticks and says its wet sticks, and can’t be ignited. Bhabho thanks Lord and thinks no other problem should come. Meenakshi says I kept dry sticks, how did it get wet. Vikram asks what did she say. She says nothing. Bhabho says how can she get dry sticks again, and asks Lokesh to come with her. Meenakshi also goes. Sandhya asks the crowd not to be worried, and not come this time. Someone holds her hand, and she gets shocked.

Bhabho says its rule, that marriage is dharamshala needs sign on the papers. Sooraj takes the papers and they look on.

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