Swaragini 19th August 2015 Written Episode

Ragini goes inside Dadi’s house after Pagphera Ritual. Sujata tells that Ragini will be ahead of Laksh. They hear Dida crying. Laksh gets tensed and tells that he will see. He goes to Dida and asks what happened? Dida blames Laksh for the happening. Dida tells Swara left. The neighbor tells that everyone know that she left for Mumbai. Dida says no. Laksh asks what happened? Dida says she left for forever. Laksh asks what you are saying? Shekhar asks what you are saying maa. Dadi stops Shekhar. Dida cries. Sumi comes back and sees Dida crying. She asks what happened? Sumi says she dropped Swara at the airport. Dida cries and tells that Swara went to commit suicide. Everyone is shocked. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that something is going to happen in her life which will take away her sleep. Dida blames Laksh. Shekhar asks what is written Mishti? Sumi reads the letter left by Swara. She writes that she forgave Ragini for her doings.

She dreamt to marry Laksh, but her dreams were shattered because of Ragini. She writes that her parents are separated. She can’t bear anymore and will die. Ragini tells that Swara is trapping her. Dida says why she wants to trap you. Ragini says she wants to take revenge from me. She told me that she is not going to Mumbai. Dida says she forgave you. Dida cries again. Parineeta gets Durga Prasad’s call. She informs him about Swara going to commit suicide. He asks Ram to call Adarsh, and Lawyer. He tells him that Dida threatened to complained against Ragini and Laksh. Sumi cries and tries calling Swara. Shekhar says Mishti…..Dida asks him to stay away. Dadi asks Shekhar to be away from them. Dida tells that she will send them to Jail. Durga Prasad comes with Adarsh and says you can’t threatened us. Dida says this is not a warning, but a truth. Sumi asks her to stop it. She says you are fighting with them, rather than searching for Swara. She tries calling Police station and says she will go to Police station.

Swara comes just then with Sanskar, wearing garlands. Everyone is shocked to see them gotten married and wearing garlands. Swara says Maa…….Sumi looks at her mangalsutra and sindoor. She asks what is all this? You were going to Mumbai. Laksh asks Swara to reply to Sumi. He holds her shoulder and asks her what is this new trick? Sanskar asks him to speak from far, and says you are talking to my wife now. Ragini stops Laksh. Sumi asks what is this letter, and marriage. Sanskar tells that Swara was about to commit suicide and he stopped her. Durga Prasad asks how did you know that she went to commit suicide. Sanskar tells that he was keeping an eye on Swara since Laksh’s marriage with Ragini. He tells that he has promised Annapurna that he won’t let anything happen to Laksh. He tells that he followed Swara and she went to the river to commit suicide. He tells that Swara was telling that place took away her happiness and has broken her marriage. He says Swara wanted to end her life. Dadi says she was doing the right thing. Dida asks what you were saying?

Sanskar tells that everyone of us do mistakes. Swara was thinking that her family will stay peacefully after her death and Laksh will live happily. He says I believe that everyone should get a second chance, and that’s why to return her family’s respect, to save Laksh, to fulfill promise made to Annapurna, and to give a second chance to Swara, he married her. He says Laksh would have get 4 years of jail for Swara’s suicide. Sumi hugs her and says she is happy as she came. Dida tells that she will do her Vidaai. Swara goes to Ragini and says you might be feeling bad as you couldn’t participate in my wedding, just like I felt. She says we can congratulate each other being sisters. Ragini congratulates and hugs her. Ragini understands that this is Swara’s plan and recalls her warning.

Ragini tells Dadi that she will fight with Swara and Sanskar and will not let them win. Sanskar promises to support Swara always. Ragini threatens Swara to leave from the house, else she will expose her fake marriage infront of everyone. She tells that she can’t snatch Laksh away from her. Swara looks on. Ragini keeps her mobile camera on to record marriage truth in Swara’s room.

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