Manmarziyan 19th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sam taunting Arjun about Radhika leaving him so soon. He stops her and says he is not feeling bad, he is glad that Radhika is not here, there is no one between them. Sam says Radhika is between them. He says she is my helplessness, who will get away from my sign, on divorce papers. He says he could not keep this marriage, he sees her face when he closes eyes. He says I love you very much. Neil comes there and sees them. Arjun gets closer to Sam. Neil stops them and asks whats their plan. He says is there no plan, so sad, I thought you are playing hide and seek with Radhika. He gets angry seeing Sam. Arjun stands away.

Neil sees him trying to remove the ring, and laughs. He says few things get stuck such that it does not get away. Arjun says like me and Sam. He asks Sam to come for dinner, he wants to play this game just with her, many monkeys are jumping in city these days. He leaves. Neil finds Radhika holding her mangalsutra. He says you play here with mangalsutra, Sam is going with Arjun. Arjun and Sam collide and the files fall. They pick the files and smile seeing each other. Radhika looks on. Samrat comes to his cabin and sees Nanini sitting on Piyali’s chair. Nandini greets him and asks will he have coffee.

She orders coffee for him. He asks what is she doing at Piyali’s place. She says correct, you should ask whats Piyali doing in my place, this were my room, my chair, my right, and you gave it all to Piyali. He says you did not have any right or place, and will never have, do anything, you can’t come in my life again. She says I don’t want to, I want Sam and Arjun to be together. He says congrats for Arjun and Radhika’s marriage, it will be good if you accept it. She says what shall I do of Arjun, he still loves Sam, and Radhika… He says Radhika is hiding something, I will find it.

She says you came in her words, she is a liar, you did not trust me ever, you trust Radhika knowing her for few days. Piyali comes there and sees Nandini. Nandini gets up and says actually my foot was hurt, so I sat here, so sorry. Piyali says its okay, sit. Nandini sits back and says everything is happening wrong, I don’t know whats Radhika doing, she can ruin Arjun’s life, I don’t know how to help him.

Sam calls out idiot and asks can’t he hear her. He says she will get answer if she calls him by his right name Neil. She calls out Neil and comes to him. She asks whats the problem. He asks will you come with me on dinner, say just yes or no. She does not say. He says I understand you won’t come with me on dinner, as you won’t get chance to go for dinner with anyone’s husband, I m proud of you, what did you become, you don’t know, forget what happened, you are getting ruined to ruin Radhika, decide it, you will come with me for dinner, or Arjun, just choose my friendship or revenge with Radhika. He asks her not to say anything and leaves from there angrily.

Arjun starts the car. Radhika comes infront of the car. He recalls the old moment similar and smiles. She asks for lift, as their way is same. He says he has no mood to fee flour to any cow. She says even I don’t have such mood, I gave you time, you can also give me some time. She sits in the car and says drive, do you want to spend whole night here. They leave.

Radhika asks Arjun about going on dinner with Sam. He says yes. She asks why, you are married now. He says you think seven rounds will stop me, I have spent years to reach Sam, small mistake can’t stop me. She asks this marriage is small mistake for you? He says its just a drama, it will be better if you end this, and move from between us. She holds his hand and says now its tough to move back, this marriage is big step of my life, there is no way to move back, you can’t go anywhere leaving your wife. She smiles.

He stops the car and asks it means I can’t go anywhere leaving my wife, fine, who will stop me? She says your wife, I have some rights. He smiles and says then I will also have some rights being your husband, what about it. She leaves his hand.

He holds her hand and says if you like to make me your husband, then you have to become my wife, if you want me not to go to Sam, you have to come close to me, so are you ready. She takes her hand off. He smiles and says I think this husband and wife game will be fun. Sam gets ready and recalls Arjun’s and Neil’s words. Arjun and Radhika come home. Mala asks them to freshen up, she will serve food. Arjun says I have plans to go out, it depends on Radhika can I go or not. Mala goes. Arjun holds Radhika and touches her face. He says he has given his time to her, she will decide if he can go anywhere or not. He asks her to think well, as she can lose much inorder to gain some. He goes.

Nandini shows divorce papers to Arjun. She asks him to get Radhika’s sign on it and kick her out, its very imp for them.

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