Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking why does she think Suhani did not make divorce papers. Soumya says Suhani thinks you don’t want to live with her and you think so, but you both want to be with each other, if you don’t have trust and confusion, then this relation has no meaning, you both should get separated, I m sorry to interfere, you do what you want. She leaves. He gets sad and recalls Suhani. He calls out Soumya as she leaves in the auto and runs after her to stop her, recalling Suhani.

He shows his passion for his love and reaches the auto after running a mile away. He comes infront of the auto and Soumya gets shocked. He asks her to come out, he has to talk. She asks what happened. He says I don’t know why she signed, I know that I won’t sign on it, I don’t know to live with her or not, my heart says she can’t do this, there is something which we can’t see. She says you try to find out, promise me till we don’t know the truth, you won’t lose and not let the relation break. He nods. She thanks him.

Suhani tells Bhavna to keep her son name Big B, or Vijay. Bhavna says you want to name this. Suhani says yes, but my fate… Bhavna says this is not so bad. She asks her to call Yuvraaj once. Suhani refuses and says no need to say this, when Rags and Menka gave the box, he did not ask why they came to my house, he does not care. Bhavna says did Dadi did anything…

Dadi asks Rohan to do something, and stop Suhani from coming back to Yuvraaj, support her and make her depend on you. He says fine. A lady tells Lata to come for Teej at her home, she did all arrangements. Bhavna asks her did she ask Suhani. Lata says no, we will know if she keeps fast, I don’t want to hurt her heart. Suhani hears them.

Sharad, Soumya and Anuj show Suhani’s dancing video to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks what to do. Anuj asks him to learn. Yuvraaj asks you want me to sing and dance. They ask him to convince Suhani. Soumya laughs and says I did not expect this. They ask her to give some idea. Bhavna says we will tell Suhani that we are going to market. Suhani prepares the puja plate for Teej and asks them to go. Bhavna asks her will she keep the fast. Rohan looks on. Suhani does not reply, and the mehendi falls on her hands. Bhavna says you got shagun mehendi on hand, you have to keep fast now. Suhani asks her not to keep fast in pregnancy. Bhavna says don’t worry, don’t erase this sign, its in your hand now.

Soumya says Yuvraaj you message Suhani that you want to meet her. He says I don’t think she will come, she is annoyed. Rags and Menka hear them. Rags asks Soumya won’t she prepare for her Teej fast. Menka asks Soumya is she after her husband. Anuj says stop it, you both are saying as if you kept fast. Rags says Dadi stopped us, we don’t have any problem. Rags taunts Soumya for having just namesake marriage. Soumya leaves. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to think something.

Rakhi shows her mehendi to Lalita. Murali brings clothes for them. Lalita likes it. Rakhi says she won’t wear it. Soumya comes and Lalita tells her about Teej fast, its for husband’s long life, will she keep it. Krishna says never, she fell last time, she can’t stay hungry. Soumya says I will keep fast by drinking milk and juice. Rohan comes to Suhani and asks where is everyone. She says Lata and Bhavna went for Teej. He asks did she not keep the fast.

Yuvraaj looks for the gifts to give Suhani on Teej and says he is not giving this to impress her, but to see her response, as its imp for her, she kept last time going against Dadi, its her decision, I did not force her. Rohan says if the relation matters to you, you can keep the fast, its for your love’s long life, I know you can’t stay without Yuvraaj, don’t be foolish, I m your friend, your happiness matters, make good food, I m hungry, we will go out and have sweets.

Sharad talks to Yuvraaj. Dadi tells Rags and Menka that she knows Soumya and Sharad will take Yuvraaj, our work will be easy, I spoke to Rohan, he has proposed Suhani, we have to help him to convince her family. Menka says if Yuvraaj stops them, as he did not sign on divorce papers till now. Pratima tells Sharad about Teej items. Yuvraaj says he is ready to solve the misunderstanding, but decision is in Suhani’s hand, whether she wants to stay with me. They smile.

Lata asks Suhani to break this relation. Suhani cries. Lata says I m your mum, I want you to marry Rohan. They all get shocked.

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