Sadda Haq 20th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ranawat writes everyone’s names and goes out of the room. Randhir looks dazed at sanyu. He recalls his fights. Randhir recalls everything. sanyu caresses his face and says what happened? Randhir says i love you. Adda says randhir if you wanna stay in masons, sanyu has to go away from you. Ranjdhir faints. SAnyu says what happened to you randhir? They take him to medical room.

Next morning, sanyu wakes randhir up, he pulls her on bed. Parth wakes randhir up. He says its just pillow not sanyu. Dont hug it like her. You fainted in the lab we took you here. Randhir says when did this happen? parth says do not burden your brain. Randhir wonders how fainted, he says i am sure adda did it. Randhir sees adda’s room in his laptop, she says to someone we have to eliminate sanyu from randhir’s life. We have to abduct her and do it as soon as possible. Randhir goes running to girl’s hostel. Randhir comes to her room and sees sanyu is not there. He wakes vid up and asks where is sanyu? She says i dont know. Randhir asks different people no one has seen him. Randhir looks everywhere for her. Randhir says if somethin happens to sanyu i wont leave you. He comes to adda’s room and checks everything. Randhir calls adda on cell. She says dont waste your time, you cant reach us. Randhir says i will kill you.

Randhir comes to ranawat and says sir please listen to me i need your help. Ranawat says i am busy. Randhir says sir please? Its urgent and its about sanyu. Ranawat says she is not my responsibility. Randhir says is your brain switched off? please listen to me. Sanyu’s life is endangered. I have to tell you somethin, he tells him everything from beginnig. Randhir says i made a mistake please help me sir. please save sanyu.
Ranawat says why should i listen to you? Randhir says what the hell are you saying? Are you on drugs? Ranawat says repeatedly masons are right. Randhir says oh they are controlling your brain too.

Sanyuu wakes up in a cell. She looks here and there. Someone comes in. Sanyu says who are you and what you want from me? he says i am not a kidnapper. We are here for a mission. Sanyu say masons? Why have you brought me here? The man goes out. Sanyuu faints after a while.

Randhir tries to hack their website he says i will go to media once i do this. randhir gets a call he disconnects it. Randhir gets a warning to stop. Adda says you will pay for this randhir. Randhir calls adda and says you have done a mistake by involving sanyu you dont know what can i do. Adda says wow you are intelligent. We can negotiate a deal.
Randhir comes to adda’s room he sprays on her face and she faints. Adda wakes up roped on a chair. She says you are waste rnadhir. You are average like others. He says i will kill you. She says if you kill me you wont know where sanyu is. And i can sacrifice my life for masons and i am not weak like you. sanyu makes you weak. Randhir says just tell me where she is? This bomb will explode. she says good luck.

Precap-randhir sees sanyu in the cell. He says nothing will happen to you. Randhir tries to enter the key on the cell’s gate. .

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