Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 20th August 2015 Written Episode

Manik is performing alone on the stage. Nandhani and Naviya’s eyes fill with tears and then soon after wards Cabir and Mukti join him and Manik is glad to see them and so they perform with renewed energy.
Nyonika and Harshad get jealous and feel confused as to what to. Harshad goes to backstage and tries to inflict Manik with an injury but Aryaman figures it out and goes after and does his best to try to stop him but fails and as the stage drops ad Nandhani yells Manik.
Nyonika is standing on Manik face and asks him how he feels but he says toher that it is not her concern and pushes her away. When he gets up everyone feels relieved and Nandhani hugs and also cries. The doctor comes and says that it is only a minor injury and he will give some medicines for him after which Nyonika leaves.
Nyoniika s yellng at Harshad as to whyhe would do such a thing because if the injury would have been severe she would have lost her son and then there is knock and they both get scared. Nyonika hurriedly hides Harshad and when opens the door who tells that they are askng for her to comeand announce the prizes and so she slams the door.
The prize distribution ceremony begins and Nandhani Naviya and Aryaman are awarded the runner up award and when the host asks the audience who they think the winnr is they all say the fab5 and so they are once again declared as the winner.
After the ceremony is over Nyonika receives a call from Harshad and shouts at him saying that he cannot beat Manik and so better stay away but then suddenly he gets pulled in and Harshad says to her that she cannot get away from him so easily. Nyonika starts o shout at him and blames him for all that has happened but he says that he will take her down with him if she does anything like this hearing this Nyonia asks him to calm down and tell what he wants her to do. Harshad tells her that he wants her to make him get out of this mess but she says that after what he had done the police are after him but he says that if the police catch him then he will confess that he was doing everything on her orders but she walks away saying that she doesnot want to play these games anymore.
Aryaman and the rest of them are standing and Nandhani thanks him for trying to save Maniks life and even Manik tanks him then Aryamn sys that no matter how hard they tried to break the fab5 they were always together not because of their music but because of their friendship and he invites them to is house but Dhruv says that they have other plans but he persuades them and they also agree.
Nandhani Aryaman and Naviya are walking and Naviya asks Aryaman f he again wants to hurt Manik but he says that how can she say that because he wants to say sorry and has the right. Naviya makes a classical example but he says that he will make her drink wine and just s he says that Nadhani tells him that did he forget Naviy is pregrent and cannot drink on this Naviya says that when her child comes he will beat him and Aryaman asks for forgiveness and goes to add motor oil to his bike.
Dhruv is standing and turns to fid Nandhani asks why he is not coming to the dinner but he says that he is tired. Nandhani says that his friends want him back and when today he was on stage with them they all were delighted but he says that he has ruined everything and will not be able to fix it.
Nyonika is walking and Aryaman comes on his face but tries to leave. Nyonika does not let him and makes him feel ashamed about trying to destroy Manik because he had no reason to hurt him but oly wanted to know the truth about his sister. Nyonika gets confused and when he tells her who his sister his she gets shocked and says that she and his father tried but Aryaman tells her to shut up just when she is about to tell him and leaves after he leaves Nyonika says that he got emotional and doesnot know that his sister is not dead.

Rest comming soon.

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