Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya calling Raj and asks where are you? Raj tells that he is in Abhi’s office to get his work done. Aaliya tells him that Pragya came home and asks him to reach soon. Raj tells that he has to do something to Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya not to lie. Pragya tells that she planned everything very cleverly and took his signs. She says when everyone was thinking that I was doing a big sacrifice, but only I knew what I am taking from this house. Abhi feels disgusted and says I was suffering here, but you was scheming against me and my family. Pragya says I was doing drama then. She says Pragya is the one who gets her work done by others. She says this is reality and I am the owner of this house from now. She makes it clear to everyone. Dadi looks on shocked.

Beeji pushes Sarla to go inside Mehra house. Sarla refuses to enter, but is forced by Beeji. They enter and see family member standing shockingly. Pragya turns to say, and is shocked to see her family. Sarla sees and hugs her, asking where did she go leaving her. Bulbul asks where were you? She says how did you come so suddenly. Sarla asks how can you changed so much. Aaliya tells your daughter has changed completely, not only in style. She says she is Pragya Arora, the owner of this house. She says she came here to inform us that Bhai’s bank accounts, house, property and everything belongs to her. She says she got all this after betraying us. Sarla tells Aaliya is saying nonsense and asks Pragya to come.

Pragya refuses to come and says Aaliya is right. She says this house is mine and I will decide who will stay here. Sarla says I am your mum and knows you well. She says you never ran away after money and luxury. You can never think like this, then why you are acting. Pragya says I need this and was fed up of her old life. Bulbul asks why you are doing this? Pragya asks her to take Sarla home else she will be pained. Sarla refuses to go home and says she will see to which extent she can go. Pragya says okay. She says no one is confused about my ownership. Tanu says you were innocent before and now why you are betraying us. Pragya says she has to settle scores with everyone. Aaliya says I will settle scores with you and will send you to Jail, else my name is not Aaliya Mehra.

Pragya says you can just put accusation on me and can’t prove anything. Raj comes. Aaliya shows him papers and asks to kick her out of the house. Raj tells that Pragya’s name is everywhere in the papers and asks to talk with calm mind. He apologizes to Pragya on behalf of Aaliya. He tells that he will get the papers checked by their lawyer and if he says it is genuine, then they will agree. Pragya says okay and asks Robin to keep her stuff in her room. She says no one shall disturb me.

Pragya is in her room and thinks of Abhi and Dadi’s words. She gets emotional and hugs Abhi’s photo. Maina Dil Ka Haal Sunawa……………Tu Meri Jaan Hain…………..plays……..Aaliya comes to Raj’s room and asks what was that nonsense? Raj says sometime we have to shake hands with enemies to weigh her strength. He asks her not to do anything until he asks her. Aaliya says what will happen if lawyer confirms the papers to be true. Raj says game will be interesting.

Pragya’s heart wrenches for behaving arrogantly with Abhi and everyone. She cries and apologizes to his photo. She says she have to find out about the person supporting Aaliya, and also have to expose Tanu. She says if she tells him about Aaliya betraying him, then Aaliya will put blame on Purab. She says Tanu has already made fake reports. She tells I have to save you from your enemies and I will not step back if I have to act to be your enemy. She says I miss you and this room very much. Everything will be fine. She says she felt good when he hug her, and says everything will be fine. Yaariyan song plays……………

Tanu asks Abhi, will he keep quiet and let Pragya snatches his everything from him. She asks him to reply. Abhi says he won’t let anyone do this.

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