Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with pandit lighting the sticks. He says its wet sticks, and can’t be ignited. Bhabho thanks Lord and thinks no other problem should come. Meenakshi says I kept dry sticks, how did it get wet. Vikram asks what did she say. She says nothing. Bhabho says how can she get dry sticks again, and asks Lokesh to come with her. Meenakshi also goes. Bhabho tells Lokesh that marriage should happen on mahurat, the Jaipur is in darkness, who will get sticks at this time. He says I understand, but how will marriage happen without rounds, we will wait for sometime. Bhabho says mahurat will pass. Mohit says he has a solution. Meenakshi thinks why is Mohit jumping to get this marriage done, I will lose 5 lakhs. Mohit tells about a registrar and they can get them do legal marriage. FB shows Bhabho and Mohit discussing about the marriage and havan kund problem, and he suggests about registrar marriage, Lokesh will agree having no option. She says fine, but how to explain Sooraj. He says Sooraj trusts you a lot, don’t worry. She agrees.

Mohit and Bhabho tell this idea to Lokesh and he agrees. Sandhya thinks Chandu left and she could not catch him. Sandhya asks the crowd not to be worried, and not come this time. Someone holds her hand, and she gets shocked. Its Chandu. He asks where was she, he was finding her, someone stole a big thing here, what will I answer Manjari, come with me. She sees a diya and says this can ignite fire. She thinks to keep the diya near Lord idol, she has to go back with them as Sagarika, she could not contact Sagarika.

Lokesh says I don’t have problem with this. Meenakshi says how can this happen. Mohit argues and thinks Meenakshi does not want this marriage to happen, maybe she changed the sticks, I will make Bhabho pull her ears once this marriage happens. He says I will get registrar and goes. Vikram scolds Meenakshi and says I told you many times not to do this, you changed the sticks, if you do anything now, then you see.

Sandhya cries and prays in the temple. Mohit gets the registrar. The man notes tye names of Sooraj and Lalima. Meenakshi prays that any miracle happens, if Sooraj loves Sandhya truly, then this marriage won’t happen. A little girl sees the diya and says it will get blown off if its here, I will keep this inside.

The girl takes the diya. The man asks Mohit to take the signs. Bhabho thinks she has to take Sooraj’s sign and do his marriage with Lalima. She folds the paper and asks Sooraj to sign on the papers, as its rules of the Dharamshala. Siya Ram…………plays……………… Bhabho shows the signs space to Sooraj asking him to sign. Sooraj says fine, I will sign. He signs and gives Bhabho. The girl keeps the diya in temple inside the Dharamshala. Sooraj sees the fire and recalls Sandhya’s death. He says fire and shows Bhabho. He starts reacting hyper and panicking.

Lalima lifts her ghunghat and sees him. Meenakshi smiles seeing the diya. Vikram and Mohit hold him. Meenakshi says he got mental attack again, bring any injection. Lalima and Lokesh are shocked. Bhabho tries to calm Sooraj. Sooraj tells about Sandhya, save her from fire. Lalima cries. They all try to calm Sooraj.Meenakshi starts acting and crying. Bhabho makes Sooraj rest in her lap. Lalima recalls Bhabho’s words. She thinks Sooraj did not see her till now directly.

Lokesh consoles Lalima and says its cheat with us, so they wanted to hurry the marriage, to make you marry a mad man. She cries miserably. He says such fallen people, don’t cry Jiji. He cries and pacifies her. Ved cries and says no one is taking Sandhya’s name at home. Sooraj is resting. Ved says Bhabho was making Sooraj marry Lalima. Sooraj hears this and asks Bhabho is this true, answer me.

Sooraj folds hands and asks Bhabho to say once, where is Sandhya, else he will find her in every lane, every city…. Ved cries. Sooraj says I will find her everywhere. .

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