Reporters 20th August 2015 Written Episode

Shreya takes Ananya’s mom to her cabin and while serving coffee says she knows she must be feeling uncomfortable. Mom says she looks so intelligent, then why did kabeer divorced her. Shreya asks her to ask kabeer itself as she knows him before she knows her. Mom silently leaves.

Kabeer enters Shreya’s cabin and asks why did she take Ananya’s mom to her cabin. She says she is Ananya’s friend, so it is her duty to take care of her mom. Kabeer asks when did Ananya become her friend and asks if she was talking about their divorce. She says as a concerned mother, ananya’s mom asked about it and she told her what happened. Kabeer asks her to stop interfering in his person life and leaves.

Ananya meets Tinu who gives her a new lead and discusses about a political meeting of big wigs. Kabeer calls Ananya and asks her to meet him.

Manav enters Shreya’s cabin. She congratulates him for his show’s success and says she got an advertiser for his show and got 6 months’ contract. Manav starts badmouthing about Kabeer and Ananya that they don’t deserve their editor-in-chief and senior reporter position, etc…, etc. Shreya starts gives him a nice ear and asks him to stop playing dirty tricks in KKN and just concentrate on professional issues. She tells him about his past and tells Ananya is a senior reporter and got designation with her talent and KL made Kabeer as editor-in-chief and they did not play any dirty tricks like manav. She warns him to be professional from hereon and sends him out. He thinks as an ex-wife, she would support him against Kabeer, but she backfired him.

Kabeer reads his 9 p.m. news. Ananya’s mom watches it and thinks she will not let him use Ananya for his benefit.

Ananya meets Kabeer in changing room and tells tinu gave him lead about secret. political meeting of ministers and it must be very sensitive. Kabeer says he will inform khurana also about it and ask him to be alert. He says he wants to talk to her about his past. She asks what. He says he wants to tell her about him and shreya, why did they divorce. She asks there is no need of it. He says he wants her to listen him and then decide if they should be together or not, to move ahead with their relationship, if he is right person for her or not.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Some issues have to be spoken and make oneself clear even if other person does not want to hear about it.

Precap: Ananya’s mom reaches Shreya’s house and says she wants to know why Kabeer divorced her as it is Ananya’s future’s issue..

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