Badtameez Dil 20th August 2015 Written Episode

Meher is doing aid on Abeer’s arm. He asks her whether she thinks their separation was a mistake. Meher stares at him. He says he’s clear, but he just wanted to know if any doubt in her mind. Meher says absolutely not. He has no right to come in her room, house, or life. And she’s absolutely clear too. She pushes his hand and leaves.


Tunnu with Tillu is gambling and he wins as well. He thanks Abeer for helping him.


Meher comes to the office. Sattu asks her what she’s doing there and he gets hyper. Meher tells him to relax, no goons are following her. Sattu is relieved and asks when Abeer will join. Meher says he’s injured, he won’t be able to join soon. Sattu again gets hyper that his channel will shut down. Meher says Nissar is there. Sattu says Nissas can’t do anything. He started fighting for a small thing. He tells her about Nissar romancing Rati and they getting caught on camera. Some people can’t digest success and he’s one of them. Meher is shocked and confused.


Later, she calls Rati to talk about Nissar. She says he just got an opportunity to succeed and to succeed, he needs to take right path. This is not Nissar she knows who fights with everyone. They both know the reason. There are rules in the office and they need to follow that. She explains her that they shouldn’t mix personal and professional life. She also says that she doesn’t everyone to raise finger at Rati. She asks her to forget all that now and concentrate on work. Rati comes out, wipes her tears and looks somewhat angry.


Abeer sees Tunnu wearing an expensive watch. He says now he knows where money he gave for business went. Tunnu says he didn’t buy it. His friend who came from Dubai gifted him. Abeer doubts him. Tunnu says he’s really a good friend. He gifted laptop to his other friend. He then thanks Abeer for money. Had he relied on his ‘khadus sister’, then his dreams would never come true. Abeer warns him no matter what problems he has with Meher, he will never give him permission to say anything or misbehave with Meher. She has a lot of love for her family, especially him. If she says anything, then it’s her love for him. Tunnu says ok. Abeer cheers him up saying watch is nice.


Tillu calls Tunnu on his dad’s instruction and makes him greedy to double and triple their money. Tillu says but this time more money will be needed. Tunnu asks what about money they won? Tillu says all that went in shopping. Tunnu says he can’t ask Abeer everytime. Tillu says if he wants to prove something to Meher and his family, then he will have to compromise in start. And luck doesn’t last for long. There must be money in home as well. Just take them out and then later put them back. No one will know anything. Tunnu says he can’t steal. Tillu puts wrong things in his mind and hangs. Tillu’s dad praises him and says now Tunnu will lose and Abeer will be blamed for giving him money to gamble and he will be out of the house.


Late night while Meher is sleeping, Tunnu comes to her room and searches for money. He only finds jewelries. He sees an expensive ring and recalls Tillu’s words. He says no one will know if this small ring is missing. He will put it back once he wins.


Next day, he shows ring to Tunnu. Tillu says they will get good money by selling it. Tunnu says they will give that on mortgage and then buy it back once they win. Only after returning ring to Meher, he will start his business. Tillu says ok and takes him to his contacts. Other hand, Meher sees her safe is open and all is messed there. She says someone definitely opened it and checks everything. Abeer comes and says he’s behind her, why she’s searching in safe. Meher says, not now. She’s upset. She’s trying to find something. Abeer continues joking that is she trying to search her brain? or peace? But that’s not in boxes. Meher says she can’t find her ring. Abeer says her to chill. How she can be irresponsible. She used to write down everything. She says she still writes down everything and shows it to him. Abeer continues joking that she says he hasn’t changed, but she hasn’t changed. She does kids stuff. Meher says not to bother her and leave. Abeer asks how was the ring. She says like a ring obviously, not like necklace. He says yea..but what kind. She describes it him and says she will find it. She goes to ask her mum.



Nissar brings coffee for Rati. Rati tells him that Meher told her to stay in the limits. And also she should control her emotions as his career has just started. She asks why he brought coffee. If anyone sees them together, and goes to Meher then she will lecture again. She doesn’t want any coffee. Nissar says Meher is his friend and she cares for him. Whatever she says will be for his good. Rati asks what was the need to go and fight with those people. He says it was required. She doesn’t know how dirty they were talking. If anyone does dirty talk again, then same will repeat. She asks why doesn’t he understand. He has to become a star, he has to do a lot in his life. If he fails, then she will be blamed. He says he doesn’t want to become star. He doesn’t care…will see what happens. She says but she does care. She starts walking. He grabs her hand and says, this career is nothing in front of her and their relationship. He didn’t do anything wrong. She just hugged him because she cares for him. It shouldn’t matter to others what they do outside office, in their personal lives. They won’t hide anything from now so there will be nothing for others to gossip. Only they know what they feel about each other. He leaves. Rati seems happy and emotional.


Abeer is going behind Meher saying ring is supposed to be in finger. She says she doesn’t want any help from him. Her mum comes there asking whether she gave any money to Tunnu as he has done lot of shopping. Meher says she didn’t give any money. Her mum says she found so bunch of shopping bags from his cupboard. Meher wonders how he bought all that. They see watch box. Her mum says that looks expensive. Abeer says he was telling him that his friend gifted him. Meher looks at him. He says what she’s looking at. He saw watch in his hand, so asked whether he bought from money that he…. He gets quiet. Meher is shocked. She asks you gave money? Abeer says he’s kid… Meher asks how much money he gave. Abeer says he wanted to start some business. Meher repeats how much money? Abeer says 20,000. Meher and her mum are shocked. Meher says there was a reason why she didn’t give him money. It’s not right to give him that much money. She says she will return him his money by evening. Abeer says Tunnu is something to him as well. Meher says, he used to. Don’t forget that. She calls Tunnu, but he doesn’t pick up. Meher’s mum also tells Abeer he didn’t do that right. Meher’s mum tells her they can talk in evening when he comes. Meher asks her about the ring. She says she didn’t take, but will search in her cupboard. She goes. Meher also goes. Abeer feels sad recalling Meher and her mum’s words.


Precap: Meher is cooking and there she finds a sorry card from Abeer saying his intentions weren’t wrong. Abeer also finds a sorry card from Meher for overreacting and saying him too much.

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