Tere Sheher Mein 20th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rama telling Mantu that he will marry just Rachita, and he came to know Rachita also loves him. Mantu asks him to sleep now. Sumitra comes and tells Rama that she fixed Rachita and his relation. He hugs her happily. Rama asks Mantu to do all arrangements as he promised. Mantu says I remember, but Gajanand dislikes me. Sumitra smiles and says its decided Mantu will do arrangements. She thinks Rama will refuse for marriage on his own. Mantu tells Uma about Rama’s marriage. She asks why is he going to Amaya’s house again. He says Amaya is stranger for me, and arrangements will be at Rama’s house. She says right, I will help you. He says fine.

Amaya and Mantu check phones for the message. Naina tose lage………….plays…………. They get ready. She prays everything happens well. They both get hiccups. They miss each other. Rama asks Mantu to come with him and they leave on the bike. Mantu asks why did he bring him here. Rama reminds his promise and asks him to do all arrangements, come. Mantu agrees and they knock the haveli door. Amaya opens the door and sees him. Rama greets her and asks can we come inside. She says yes.

Rama greets Gajanand. Gajanand apologize to him. Rama says you are elder, I will be ashamed if you apologize. Kaushalya signs Rudra. Rudra also apologizes to Rama. Pushpa asks them to sit. Rama says his mum made a special request, you all know Mantu, he is my friend and brother, he is managing all arrangements, so I want all the work here to be done under his supervision. Amaya thanks Lord for doing this. Mantu says they all will manage here. Rama says all rituals will be here and asks Mantu to stay here. He asks Gajanand… Sneha says yes, he can stay here and do arrangements. Gajanand also agrees. Mantu says we will do arrangements from my home, I won’t like anyone to interfere. Gajanand agrees. Amaya says Rama that he can send anyone for arrangements, but he should not come in her arrangements, even she does not like any interference. Rama promises her.

Sumitra tells Gupta that she wants to make Gajanand’s life hell. Rama brings his Nani there. Gupta asks Rama why did he get her on bike, if she fell, her bones can break. She says whom did you call old lady, and wins in arm wrestling with him. Rama’s Mausi Mohini comes in rickshaw and hugs her sister. Gupta says third problem will be coming too. Gupta’s sister comes and talks to him. They have an argument.

Rachita cries recalling Rama. Sneha comes to her and asks is she not happy with this relation. Rachita says she is going away from them. Sneha says you are not going far, can never go far from our heart. She says you were dad’s fav daughter, he was very worried thinking of your marriage and I used to make fun of him, I used to ask what will he do at the time of your marriage, he wanted you to smile, always smile, else he will feel very bad, that I did not take good care of you, promise me you will always smile for him. Rachita promises and hugs her. She thinks she will smile for her happiness despite all problems.

Sumitra talls to his mum. Her mum gives some shagun things and sends to Gajanand

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