Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2015 Written Episode

Gopi asks Vidya to speak directly to Shravan and clear her doubt. Shravan comes and says Vidya that he wants to talk to her, but seems she is busy. Gopi says he came at the right time, even Vidya wants to talk to him. Shravan says they will go and talk in garden. Vidya nods yes and follows him.

Psychopath Gaura’s son tells his akhada/local gym students about fear and how to over come it, etc.. and says he wants them all to be present in the morning for exercise again.

Gopi enters Rashi’s room and asks if she had cake. Rashi looks afraid and drops water glass by mistake. Gopi asks why is so afraid after coming from psycho Gaura’s room, what happened there. Psycho Gaura thinks Rashi must have seen what is in her trunk/suitcase and she should go and stop her from telling anyone. She enters Rashi’s room and sees Gopi there. She calls her chatanki and asks if she is brainwashing Rashi also like she brainwashed Kokila. Gopi says why will she do that. Psycho starts yelling at her. Kokila enters and asks what happened. Psycho says her chatanki does not like me, so she is trying to brainwash everyone against me. Kokila says Gopi will never do that. Psycho yells that she is and silently walks from there smirking.

Vidya asks Shravan if he does not like her and is marrying in pressure. He says he is not and in fact he was thinking she is marrying him in pressure. She says she is not and asks if he would have married any other girl also on Gaura’s insistence. He says he always wanted to marry a girl like her and he will marry only her. She smiles. He says Meera did wrong by misbehaving with waiter yesterday and he does not like her.

Psycho gaura tries to brainwash Kokila against Gopi, but Kokila says she is thinking wrong. Gopi walks reminiscing Gaura’s entry and events afterwards and thinks she should get Gaura’s background checked before Vidya and Shravan’s engagement.

Psycho sees her walking. Vidya hugs Gopi from behind and thanks her for getting her engaged to Shravan and says she is sure now that Shravan is her soul mate and they are made for each other. Gopi thinks what to do. Psycho thinks Shravan must have done something.

Kokila says Gaura that she will prepare her wood fire tea. Psycho says she will come back after some time and leaves towards her room. Kokila thinks what happened to her. She calls Gopi and asks her to clean temple as Baa wants to perform some special pooja.

Shravan informs psycho that vidya also loves him and is happy with their engagement plan. Pyscho laughs like chudail/witch and says now chatanki/gopi cannot break engagement. Shravan says he is not marrying Vidya because she is forcing him, but because he loves her. She says that is even good, now nobody can stop marriage.

Gopi while cleaning temple thinks Gaura is hiding some secret, which they don’t know. She has to ask Rashi again why is she afraid after coming back from Psycho gaura’s room. Kokila calls her and she leaves. Psycho hears Gopi’s words hiding and thinks this chatanki will not back off so easily, she has to do something.

Pyscho’s son is seen taking bath in river and takes water to wash temple. Psycho prays god to help her succeed in her plans. Son pours water on Shiv’s idol and pandit applies kumkum on his forehead.

Psycho enters Rashi’s room and tries to frighten her. Rashi gets afraid seeing her. Pyscho asks what did she see in her room.

Precap: Gaura asks Rashi why did she peep into her room and what did she see..

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