Sasuraal Simar Ka 21st August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mohini says i will seek revenge for all you are doing. Simar says you have done that already. Simar says you have to repay for the atrocities you did on my family. Its about to end, you evil powers. Mohini says i knew it was you behind it. Simar says you deserve this. I wont have done this to you if you didn’t torture my family. Now your game has ended.

Sujata says our simar has gone to fight with that witch please give her strength.
mohini says you think you save your family by detaining me? Simar says you think life of a human is a game for you. We plot this against you to show you that you are nothing in front of God. Sunanda faints, Mohini says maa what happened to you? Mohini says half of your family is in pots. Simar says i know you forced and scared them. My faith and God’s power will bring them back. Mohini says they will never come out of that pots. Simar says i knew you are a witch. You did a pooja to strengthen yourself. I will do one to show you the value of good. Simar asks pandit ji come in and start the havan. They satrt pooja in bharadwaj house too. Havan starts in police station as well. Simar says this is just the beginning as soon as the pooja proceeds you both will be weaken even more. Mohini’s head hurts as well. sunanda says do something Ia m suffocating. Mohini says i wont do what you want me to do. Sunanda’s condition is worsening. Simar says you still have time, do it before your mom has to pay for it. Sunanda says mohini i am suffocating. Please save me. Mohini says simat halt this pooja my mom is dying. I will do whatever you ask me. Simar says i don’t trust you until you release my pooja i wont halt this pooja.
Mohini says there is a bottle it has a liquid in it. Simar says here it is. Mohini says how you have this? SImar says thats none of your business. Mohini says you have to release my hands i wont be able to do anything without it. Simar asks inspector to open it. Simar says have her mom she wont be able to do anything.
Simar gives her the bottle. Mohini starts the pooja. Lights turn off. When lights turn off maata ji is on the floor. simar gets her up. Mata ji hugs simar and says i knew you were alive. She hugs simar. Inspector says where is mohini? They are all dazed and start lookinng for mohini.
Sunanda laughs and says you were playing with us? Now see my daughter’s game. Kill me my daughter will make me alive once again.

Simar calls amar and tells him everything. Rajhinder says what happened? Amar says mata ji fine and out of the pot. Everyone thanks God. Rajhinder says why you look worried? Is simar okay? Amar says mohini has fled. Uma says what will happen now. Mohini strides in. They are all scared. Mohini shoves amar and says you all betrayed me. Now see what i do to you people.

Precap-Amar and all family ask mohini to open the door. Cops are there too. when they go in they are shocked to see mohini has hung herself. .

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