Jamai Raja 21st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with DD calling witch to Bua Dadi. Sid feels sorry and apologizes on behalf of Bua Dadi. DD asks Nani to see her Jamai. She repeats that rules will be changed now, as she and her family will take care of Roshni all day. She says no change of plans and if anyone has any objection then can leave this house. She talks rudely and says I didn’t invite your family. Roshni intervenes and says Sid didn’t do any mistake. DD asks her not to force her to raise her voice. Raj says your mum is right, we don’t have right to say that we will take care of Roshni, after Bua Dadi did this. Everyone looks on sadly. He asks DD to do as she wants, and accepts her decision. Beeji says we agree with you DD. DD thanks Raj and says you are the only one who can understand. She tells Sid that if anything goes wrong again, then don’t tell that I don’t respect elders of your family. She says I won’t let you touch your child, and asks him to prove worthy to be a father. Nani Maasi says disgusting and goes. Simran feels dizzy and says how can she say that. Beeji asks her to rest.

DD is in her room and is angry. Mona comes to her and asks her to forget this incident being matured and understanding. Nani Maasi comes and says how can you think that, are you in your senses? She says Khurana’s are third class people and I knew it. She says what would have happen if Roshni had that laddoo. Mona says they didn’t want to harm Roshni, and love her very much. We can’t blame others for one’s mistake. Nani Maasi asks how can she let her daughter’s sautan stay in her house. Mona looks on. She says Bua Dadi wanted to harm DD and not Roshni. DD says it is okay to harm me. She says Bua Dadi is a cheap woman and says she can’t let Roshni’s baby stay with Khuranas. She says she have to do something for her daughter and baby.

A goon talks to a lady and asks her not to do mistake again else boss will be angry. The lady assures that there will be no mistake again. Sid is sad. Ayesha tries to cheer him up and says she had icecream to cheer up herself. She gives him chocolate and asks him to eat. Roshni tells Ayesha is talking like him. A Flashback is shown, Sid asks Roshni to have sweets to cheer her up. Sid smiles and have chocolate, and makes Ayesha have it too.

Ayesha dances and cheers them. She tells that she forgot the steps. Sid joins and dances with her. Roshni feels good seeing Sid mingling with Ayesha. She thinks Sid will become best Papa in the world, just like he is the best husband of the world. Sid hugs Ayesha, Roshni says she is also there. Sid hugs them.

DD comes to Roshni’s room and asks where is she going early in the morning? Roshni tells that she is going to meet NGO kids, and tells that today is their dance competition. DD asks her to think about herself and asks her to think about baby now. Roshni tells NGO kids are hers and she will feel good with them. She says Sid is going with me. DD says when he is with you, then there is more danger for you. Sid looks on angrily.

Ayesha gets kidnapped. Roshni tries to save her and gets kidnapped too. Sid runs after the kidnapper’s car. DD looks on shocked and calls for Roshni. Sid reaches the Dargah.

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