Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ved crying and telling Bhabho that she is not good. He says you said you are doing this to make him fine, but Papa is more unwell now, you are not a good mother of my Papa, and cries, you were making my Papa marry Lalima aunty. Sooraj opens eyes and hears him. Ved says why did Lord punish my Papa, he never lied, never did anything wrong, mum said Lord never does anything wrong, why is this happening with my Papa. Emily consoles him. Sooraj asks Ved whose marriage is he talking about. He asks Bhabho to say. He keeps her hand on his head and asks her to say the truth, whom was she making him marry?

Bhabho takes her hand off his head. He asks is this true that you were making me marry someone else, even when Sandhya is there with me, you know everything, I don’t have place for anyone except Sandhya, you know our relation, how could you do this, say something, say this is lie. Meenakshi tells Vikram that doctor said Sooraj can get more unwell, see he is getting more serious, what will Bhabho answer him now, he has known everything. Sooraj says we all know Bhabho can’t lie to me, and asks Emily to say. Emily bows down. Sooraj asks all of them to say something.

He says I understood Bhabho, you have fought with Sandhya and kicked her out of house dragging her, right? Ved cries. Sooraj hugs him and asks him to say where did Sandhya go? Chandu and his group is returning. Sandhya thinks she could not meet Sooraj and her family and is sad. Chandu says we got no attitude Chanchal and praises her. She says she was thinking about marriage at Dharamshala, she feels they got down and life’s vehicle moved on. Chandu sees her really sad.

She thinks Chandu is one of them, she has to find him and also the dangerous motives. Sooraj asks Bhabho to say the truth, he will find Sandhya everywhere. Bhabho says you won’t Sandhya here, you will find her in the world, if she is in the world….I did not kick her out of house, she has worn her uniform and left all of us and went to another world, Sandhya is dead. They all cry. Bhabho says she has died, six months ago this truth has killed us all, but we moved on with time, but you kept Sandhya alive with you, in your imaginations, come out of this fake world, she is not in between us, accept this truth now, she died… Sooraj says no, you are lying to me right. His tears fall and he starts laughing. He asks Ved to see his Dadi is lying.

He says Babasa, Bhabho lied to me to hide her lie, how can Sandhya die, she is with me every day, she is here. Bhabho says you have kept her alive in your imagination, she is not alive. He says its lie, I can’t believe this, the truth is my Sandhya is alive, she can never leave me. He asks Ved to say where is his mumma, did she tell him when will she come. Ved cries and hugs him. Sooraj gets stunned…… They all cry.

Chandu, Sandhya and the group are at the dhaba. They give the food order. She thinks she has searched everywhere in the belongings, but did not get the chip, Chandu is clever, chip is here, but where can it be. She says she will just come. She goes to the truck and sees the similar sticker as the place where Chandu has stolen the chip. She knocks on the diesel tank and thinks there is something else in second tank. She says no one should come here, there is no bathroom at dhaba, so I have to be alone here for some time. She gets the chip and is stunned.

Bhabho gets food for Sooraj. Ved takes it from her hands and says Papa we will have food and goes inside the room. They don’t find Sooraj inside the room and call him out. Ved sees a blank pic frame and shows Bhabho. Bhabho worries and calls out everyone, asking about Sooraj. They say Sooraj is nowhere. Bhabho says this was Sandhya’s pic, and shows blank frame. She says my Sooraj.. and worries for him.

Chandu goes to find the chip. Sandhya comes on the road. Officer Singh passes by on the road and stops her car seeing Sandhya. She says Sandhya Rathi….

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