Reporters 21st August 2015 Written Episode

Anany’s mom thinks she has to know why Kabeer divorced Shreya. Kabeer and Ananya congratulate Ronnie for his show’s success and leave office for the day. Richa says they are new channel’s #1 couple. Ronnie says they are. Ananya’s mom calls him and asks if he has Shreya’s address. He asks is everything is alright. She says nothing is right. She is worried for Ananya and if ananya’s dad would have been alive, he would have inquired about Kabeer’ past well before taking any decision. She wants to ask Shreya who kabeer divorced her. Ronnie says he will call her back in 5 minutes and cuts call. Richa says as a mother, mom’s concern is right and when Kabeer or ananya is not telling anything, only Shreya is left and mom can go to any extent to know the reason, so it is better he gives Shreya’s address. Ronnie nods yes.

Kabeer tells Ananya that her mom had come to KKN. She says she knows she had come to give lunch box. He says Shreya took mom to her cabin and mom asked reason for their divorce. Ananya is shocked to hear that. Kabeer says mom has every right to know reason for his divorce and starts his story.

Ananya’s mom reaches Shreya house. Shreya is surprised to see her. Mom says she wants to know why kabeer divorced her. She also starts story. Kabeer tells Ananya that he had joined his first job and had published an article against Shreya’s company. Shreya requested him to change his article, but he did not, so Shreya’s company was penalized. Shreya started meeting him with one or other excuse, but he tried to avoid her often as she was a rich brat and he was a middle class. She then proposed him, but he wanted to keep distance, but she came closer to him. He did not her socialite life to be affected, so he never went closer to her. Shreya tells mom that Kabeer was very hard working and honest and she fell for him. He tried to use her status and did not love her at all. They lived together for almost a year and she asked him to marry her, but he did not want commitment. Kabeer says ananya that he did not want to disturb her rich social life, looking at his simple status…Shreya says she repeatedly tried to convince him and he finally gave up and married her. Soon, he started avoiding her and was having problem with her friends, job, etc., etc. He later realized that he was just using her status.

Kabeer continues that before marriage, Shreya was happy with his rented house, but after marriage, she did not want to stay in his house and tried to show difference between their status and used to force him into parties in which his status was shown.

Kabeer says during party, Shreya’s inebriated friend told that Shreya wanted him to break for not accepting her easily, so she married him to teach him a lesson. Soon, shreya starts insulting him and even tried to get him evicted from his office, but panditji knew shreya’s plans, so he did not let him go. Shreya tells mom that she wanted to quit her job for kabeer, but he did something that she will not forgive him forever.

Precap: Mom says Ananya she cannot marry kabeer and has to choose between her and kabeer. .

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