Swaragini 21st August 2015 Written Episode

Sanskar tells Swara that he will go and talk to Sujata. Ragini tells Swara, your planning went in water. You thought you will expose me, but no one wants to see your face. No one will believe you. She asks her to accept that she can’t snatched Laksh from her, and he will never be hers. She asks her to go from this house, and stay with Sanskar in his other house. She tells if you stay tonight, then see how you will be caught in your own planning. Swara says 1 min, I don’t think I shall tell you how to speak with elders especially when you are a sanskari girl. She says I didn’t come here to snatch Laksh from you, as it is you who knows snatching. She says her mission is to unite her parents. We were Swaragini once, but now we are against each other. I am with my truth and you are with your lie, you might know well who wins in truth-lie game. Ragini thinks I accept this challenge and I will expose your fake marriage truth infront of all. Later she comes to Swara and Sanskar’s room and hides mobile camera after switching it on.

Laksh is in his room and cries thinking about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Ragini comes and sees him crying. She asks him not to hide anything from him. Laksh says I don’t hide the fact from you. He says truth is that I saw my life’s dreams with her, but she has broken my dreams in one go. I want to forget her, but can’t forget her. Ragini asks if you really want to forget her, then I have a way. Laksh asks her to say being his best friend and wife. She asks him to take a step forward towards her ( She asks him for consummation being clever and evil and wants to just get him being desperate soul). Laksh looks on uncomfortable. Ragini says I can understand that you need time. She says until you keeps her memory far from you, your pain will not get less. She asks him to remove Swara’s memory from his mind. Laksh is looking at Swara’s pic. She instigates him to damage it. Laksh burns the pic, Ragini feels good and gives a evil smile.

Swara talks to Dida and tells her that she is waiting for Ragini to do any mistake. Dida blesses her and disconnects the call. Swara and Sanskar feel uncomfortable. Sanskar asks if she is having problem with AC. Swara says it is okay. She tells she will sleep on sofa, Sanskar asks her to sleep on bed and takes pillow from her hand. He asks what you was saying? Swara asks Dida called and is about to say, just then she sees a burnt photo.

Sanskar picks the burnt photo and goes out to see. He sees Ragini there. She lies to him saying she want to throw it outside. It is burnt by Laksh as he wants to move on in his life. Swara looks at the pic and says it is her engagement pic. Evil Ragini threw burnt photo in Swara’s room to spoil her mood and know about her marriage reality. Swara tells Sanskar that she can’t distract from her motive and came here for her parents and not for Laksh. Everything gets recorded in the mobile camera. Sanskar asks are you fine? Swara says yes. Sanskar says he knows the pain of love and he will not let her bear alone being her friend. Swara thanks him. Sanskar tells her good night and sleeps on sofa. Swara sleeps on bed.

Laksh recalls his romantic moments with Swara and cries. Swara too cries while being on bed. She recalls her love confession and romantic moments. Shekhar and Sumi look at each other, while the song plays Kitni Baatein………She recalls taking off mangalsutra and the happenings. Evil Ragini recalls her marriage.

Dadi asks Ragini to act to be Adarsh bahu. Sanskar tells that Swara is eldest bahu of the house than Ragini, and have the right to do puja first. Ragini tells everyone that she has a doubt on Swara and Sanskar’s marriage to be fake and she kept secret camera in their room. Swara asks what are you saying? Ragini says she has proof and goes to bring her mobile..

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