Tere Sheher Mein 21st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with marriage preparations going on in Mathur house. Mantu comes to fix lightings and goes upstairs by taking permission from Dimple. Dimple asks Amaya shall we go. Amaya says no. Rudra looks at Mantu and gets angry as he did not get responsibilities. Gajanand gives him list and gives petty works. Rudra says lets see how Mantu does his work, I will not leave him and not let any work happen well. Amaya comes to Mantu and they sit near the lights. Mantu asks what is she doing here. She says she wants to tell her feelings, will he listen. He smiles and nods yes. Dil dard ka hai mara………………. Plays…………. They dance.

Its Amaya’s imagination. Mantu’s friends ask him to arrange tea for them. Gajanand comes there talking on phone and sees them. He ends the call. Mantu says we can stay without tea too, end the work, we will have tea outside. Amaya makes the tea and asks Jaz to give the tea to Mantu and his friends. Jaz says it looks awkward. Amaya says go,don’t tell Mantu that I gave this. The guys ask Mantu to get tea. Jaz gives them tea. Mantu thanks her and drinks the tea. Amaya looks on.

Mantu says Jaz you make good tea, when you come to teach Chiklu, make tea. She says fine, and thinks where did Amaya got her stuck. Rudra says he will cut the wife. Amaya helps Mantu, and he shows his annoyance. Amaya leaves. Rudra cuts the wire and says it will be fun to get insulted infront of everyone.

Mantu says he has to check the lights. Rudra says we will check infront of everyone, and asks Sneha to come, he will call everyone. Sneha says Mantu will work good. Amaya asks Rachita to come and see lighting. Rudra asks Mantu to show his work. Mantu is tensed and prays that it gets done well, as he did not check it once. Mantu connects wire and the lights do not come. Rudra says where are the lights, you said you have done it. Mantu says I did not check. Gajanand asks why did he call them then. Rudra says they don’t have any knowledge of this, if such blunder happens in marriage then,… Gajanand says I will call electrician to do this, will we stand here all night. Mantu says just 2 mins, I will check and do it fine. Rudra says you make it done in 5mins, we all will come again.

Mantu says how will check fault, its big place. Rudra thinks Mantu can’t find fault, Mantu will get his nose cut again. Amaya also goes to check. Mantu and his friend check the wires.Amaya says this wire is cut here, I can’t tell Mantu, he will feel bad, what to do. Mantu and his friends could not find anything. Rudra asks everyone to come and does not listen to Mantu. He asks Mantu to show his work this time.

Dimple says we can’t wait. Mantu is tensed. Amaya tries fixing alternate wire to let electricity pass. Mantu goes and takes Lord’s name hoping the lighting glows. He connects the wife and lightings come, making the haveli glow. They all smile seeing it. Dimple says it looks beautiful. Sneha says I know Mantu’s work won’t have any problem. Pushpa says its lovely. Gajanand says whats lovely in this, its bulbs and will glow. Amaya smiles seeing Mantu and the lights. Mantu says how did this happen, he has to check one. He goes to check and sees the wire joint. He says who joined this to stop my insult.

He sees Amaya there. Amaya sees him and asks Rachita to come to room. Sumitra asks her family to get many clothes made, Chobey will pay. They ask Barfi to make many clothes for them. Barfi says he is showing in budget given by Gajanand Chobey. They get angry. Sumitra says we will talk. Her mum says she will show what they are. They make some shagun items packed and asks him to give this to Gajanand. Barfi comes to Gajanand and says I went to Guptas, I did not see such women before, they are dramatic.

He tells him everything and says I can’t say what they said, they gave me this to give it to you. Gajanand opens it and sees Shagun, they returned the shagun. Barfi tensely leaves.

Gajanand talks to Sumitra and she asks him to keep shagun with him now.

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