Manmarziyan 21st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun laughing and saying well done seeing Radhika drink wine. Neil asks Sam why did she cancel dinner with Arjun. Sam says you say. He says you realized you truly love me. She says superb. He says your eyes show you love me, your mind is not ready, its fine, but someone will be there who will want Neil, the day I get that mad one, I will leave you. She asks why, what did I do. He says you don’t need to do anything, its enough that you are there, the day I get my Pagli… She says wah.. He says wah for idiot, why no wah to Pagli. She says fine, whatever.

He says you have to leave when I get my Pagli, she won’t understand our relation. She says we will explain. He says no one will understand. She says then no Pagli, why to go that way then… He says I have to go, I feel lonely, I want to marry. She says I m there, wait till 30. He says no more waiting, tell me if you will marry me now, Sam love you, not that one, but I can try for sure and see you by that sight too, tell me…. She looks at him.

Radhika says the grapes juice is great, it really gives courage. Arjun asks her to call him Arjun, not Sir. She says A…Sir. He says Arjun….and asks her to drink more for more courage. She drinks more and says Ar…. They laugh. He recalls Nandini’s words and asks will she call him Sir after tonight, he would like to hear Arjun from her.

Sam says you know…. Neil says I can’t be with you, you cheated me, you broke my heart. She says you are such a big drama king. He says I m seriously saying Sam, I m leaving birdsong. She reacts shocked. He says I can’t do this anymore. She asks what? He says I decided, I just had to tell you. She asks what was the need for this then… and leaves.

Arjun and Radhika are on the way. She sings Jab tak hai jaan mai nachungi… He says I think grapes juice gave you good courage. She asks what courage. He says to do whats going to happen tonight, so are you ready? She looks at him. They come home. He looks at the divorce papers. Radhika comes still being in drink effect. He asks so, are you ready to become my wife, or to leave me? She says Sir please… He says no Sir, choice is yours, either come close to me or leave me and go. She says I can’t let you go to Sam. He says then come to me Radhika. She walks to him. He says more closer. Khwaishon pe likhi…………… plays……….

Arjun holds her closer and hugs her. He gets intimate to her and asks her to sleep. She holds his hand and says you can’t go, I…. He stops her from saying, and says when heart stops from doing something, it should not be done, and whats that man who has to force. She gets up and says you are not just a man, but a really good man. He says no Radhika, I m not a good man. She asks him to see himself by her sight, he will change his opinion about himself. He looks at the divorce papers and says who knows, it maybe needed some day, sleep now. He keeps the pillows between them and says good night.

Sam wakes up and sees Neil making the sandwiches. The alarm rings and she really wakes up. Samrat moves the curtain and asks her what happened, did she get bad dream. She says don’t know, dream breaks before completing. He says incomplete dream does not give happiness. She asks where to get happiness. He asks what happened. She says Neil is leaving birdsong, he said he can’t do this more, I don’t understand. He says he means he can’t bear to see you getting mad in someone else’s love, he can’t be with you now as he loves you. She says no.

He says your sight can just see friendship, not his love, but he is unable to bear the love hidden in his friendship. She says Neil is my bets friend. He says that’s the blessed part of it, best friends are good life partners, Neil loves you, move the curtain off his friendship and see. She looks at the window and recalls her dream.

Radhika serves food to Mala. Mala asks her to go office. Nandini asks Radhika about Arjun. Radhika says he went to office, I m going too, will you come office today also? Nandini says I won’t need to come anywhere soon, did Arjun give you any papers? Radhika says no, he met some good person yesterday, maybe he forgot. Nandini thinks why did Arjun not give papers to Radhika.

Nandini gets tiffin for Arjun and says no one worries for him more than her. He says he is not hungry. She says it means you are in true love with Sam. He says I don’t have time for this matter. She asks really, did you get divorce papers signed, what were you doing, that you did not get time to take sign, I understand everything, you are in love with Radhika. Arjun looks at Radhika.

Radhika tells Nandini that she is making Arjun bad which he is not. Nandini smiles and says Arjun is making divorce papers ready.

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