Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone thinking about the call, and whether if anyone joked. Bihaan asks Paan to get goons there and scare them, not hurt any of them, if they refuse for marriage till evening. Thapki says I think we should tell this to Dhruv. Krishnakant says no, I will tell this to Bau ji. Suman and Preeti are shocked seeing the earthworm and doubt each other. Dadi is doing this to get their secret out.

Bau ji says who can dare to threaten Thapki’s family and tells this to Bihaan and Vasundara. Bau ji says nothing wrong should happen with them, stay with them and protect them, he will not leave the wrong person, now its his responsibility to see Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage, don’t let me get ashamed. Bihaan says yes, I will manage.

Suman and Preeti argue with each other and tell about Vasundara’s state, how they have made her deaf and did not let them know. Dadi does not hear them. Suman tells her to give the gift to Preeti and acts sweet seeing Dadi. Dadi thinks she was doubting on them without any reason and lost the gift too. Bihaan thinks to stop Paan. Preeti gets the ipad and dances hearing songs. She comes to Suman and asks why did she ask Dadi to give me this.

Suman says Dadi has heard us talking and did this game to know our secret by making us fight. I have seen her hearing us, and its good I have seen her. They hear songs together. Bihaan waits for Paan to stop him. He gets Bau ji’s call and says yes, I m here and turns. Paan gets his goons there and they wear masks on faces. They start breaking the things at home. Bihaan comes there and Thapki asks him to stop them. Bihaan beats the men and also Paan. Bihaan asks him to understand, and says Bau ji has send him here. Paan runs. Shubh hugs Bihaan and Krishnakant thanks Bihaan for coming on time. Vasundara says her plans are going wrong, its marriage tomorrow. She sees Dhruv and Thapki’s pic and asks Thapki not to be happy, she will not let this marriage happen. She tears the pic and keeps it there angrily.

Bau ji praises Bihaan and asks him to manage things. Vasundara scolds Bihaan and asks him to do something that she gets proud seeing him. She asks him to do this for her happiness. Krishnakant says they will find out about the sim, and asks Aditi to dial and check the number. Aditi dials the number and shows to Thapki. She says she will give this sim to police and give goons to police. Krishnakant says not now, we will think in morning. Thapki gets thinking and says this sim is of Bihaan, I remember well, I have seen it falling from Bihaan’s pocket, it means Bihaan has done all this.

Thapki calls Bihaan and confronts him for cheating them. He gets shocked.

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