Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman asking Bala to find Romi. They all try finding the groom. Ishita taste sweets and gives her suggestions to increase sugar. She asks another man about decorations. The man asks her to get it confirmed from Raman. Ishita says he is not here. Mrs. Bhalla says why can’t we confirm, he is not here. Ishita says you can use such colors, but it should look good. Ishita says maybe they got overdrunk. Sarika takes blessings from Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Raman.

Raman asks Pathak about Romi. Pathak tells about the special wine he got. Raman beats him. They all ask Raman to calm down. Raman says Romi is lost. Ishita asks Sarika to choose her lahenga for sangeet. Sarika says she is worried about Romi, she called him and he did not call her back. Ishita says he is with everyone, not alone. Sarika says I m worried and scared, if he does not wish to marry me and avoid me. Ishita says nothing like that, he is very happy, he wants everything to be by your choice, he has really changed.

Rinki asks them to come, as choreographer has come. Ishita calls Raman. Raman says we are having lunch, we will come in 2 hours. She says what. He says I know its sangeet, I married twice. He ends call. The choreographer teaches steps to the ladies. He asks where is the groom. Ishita says Romi is a good dancer, he will learn in some time. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika to practice with Rinki. Ishita thinks maybe there is something wrong, and hopes its all fine. The hotel manager tells Raman about the drinks, by which they do which they did not think before and they don’t remember it. Raman beats him and sends him. Raman says did Romi go to apologize to his ex GF.

Raman comes out and hears the waiters talking someone over drunk, and asks him. The waiter says he is in sauna. Raman says this is Romi, and they all go to him. The doctor checks Romi. Raman says Romi is my brother. The man says he has sat in sauna, you should know its dangerous to sit in sauna for long. Romi says how did I come here. Raman sends him with everyone and talks to doctor. The doctor asks him to make him have cold water bath.

They get Romi bath with cold water and wipe him. They all leave from the hotel. The ladies are dancing in the sangeet. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that this is the limit. Sarika says Romi did not come till now. Ishita says none of them came till now. The men are on the way and Raman arguing with all. The lady compliments Sarika and asks Ishita about Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says he is on the way, coming. Vandu says I will not leave Bala today. The lady asks Ishita about Raman and asks does he have special entry.

Raman comes and says yes, my entry will be special, hero comes in climax. Ishita says devil is here. All the men come and Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to smile. Appa says its good his wife is ill and did not come, else she would have not left hom. Romi waves to Sarika. Raman says I feel they are ready to explode. Ishita and everyone also talk seeing their faces. Vandu says their fate will change, its time to teach them a lesson. She smiles and goes to Bala. Bala gets tensed. He hides behind Raman and asks Raman to go something. Raman takes Bala along. Abhishek and Pathak, and everyone also avoid Vandu.

Sarika goes to Abhishek. He compliments her. Sarika and Mihika ask about yesterday night. Abhishek does not answer. Raman asks Bala to think Vandu will not come here, and him to take mic and impress Vandu, but not smile else everything will be known. Ishita says I feel they did something big. Vandu says there were missing all day, they are behaving irresponsible. Ishita says I will see how Raman saves himself. Sarika says Raman would have not done this at his marriage time, I will not leave Romi, its our marriage and he was away for so long. Bala welcomes everyone in Romi and Sarika’s sangeet and thanks everyone for coming to give their best wishes, Romi will need best wishes a lot as every married man, we will start dance function in some time, till then enjoy.

Abhishek sees Romi tensed and asks him to do more of bachelors party. Raman says you don’t know our wives. Abhishek says its good I m bachelor and have no one to answer, Sarika came to ask me. Romi asks did he say anything. Abhishek says no. Bala asks Abhishek and Mihika to come for their performance. Everyone clap for them. Ishita thinks Raman can smile, his band will be played after party ends.

Abhishek and Mihika dance on the song Main Bhi Sarphira….. Raman and Ishita dance on Tere Naina Dagabaaz re………

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