Sasuraal Simar Ka 24th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Amar and simar are near the house. Simar says maybe they are pretending that there is nothing going on inside. Simar says lets go in. God will lead us to the right path. Simar and Amar hop in the house.
There is a woman outside bharadwaj house.She says to the cat go kill the pots and kill all the people in it. Don’t be scared. Dont leave them alive. The cat hops in the house.

Simar says we can’t see whats going on inside. Amar says all doors and windows are locked. Amar says i knew we would find something like this. Stay here for a moment. He gives simar a glass cutter. Simar says be careful. Amar cuts the glass.
Simar gasps to see something. Its a cat’s sculptor. Simar sees a cold storage room. she says why would someone make cold storage in a house?

Sujata says i know like mata ji they would all return. They see cat in the house and get scared. Uma says how did this cat come here.
Amar tries to break the door. Simar says what are you doing?
Mata ji stops the cat from breaking the pots, she grabs him. Sattu sankalp and shalu put carpet on the cat and seize her. Mata ji says someone must have sent this cat to break the pots. Khushi says sunanada and mohini are dead. Who can be this third one?

Simar and amar hear some voice. A woman comes in the house with her head covered. Simar and amar are hidden under a sofa. Simar says is this jumba khana or someone else? Amar says no idea. The woman opens the door, simar says i am going in as well. Amar says it can be dangerous. simar says we wont get this chance again, simar goes in the room as well. Simar says its too cold here. she is dazed to see mohini and sunanda’s dead body there. The woman says mohini says its about time to do what you called me for. Simar says so i was right? This is mohini’s game. Who is this woman? Simar hides behind and slab and sees prem on it. She is dazed.

Precap-Simar says prem please get up. She says cold storage? Things are put there so they dont rot. Mata ji says on call you found prem?

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