Tashan-e-Ishq 24th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
People are beating Kunj, he gets up, gives asthma pump to old lady, olda lady says he is not thief, he took pump from thief and was coming to me, he leaves from there, her mother calls him and ask where are you? he says i am coming home only.
Manohar is welcoming guests, Anita comes and says all are gossiping about you, i used to give big parties but you beat me, Manohar says i have listened alot about you, Leela and family comes there, Anita says we have friends and enemies both and you know jealousies are part of game but i am here to do friendship, you should ask Leela how good i am with friends, she hugs Leela and says you have only 4 days for challenge, who will marry your daughter, she says my son Yuvi must be comning, she leaves, Manohar ask are you fine? Leela says everything fine, we are not cheap like Anita, Manohar ask about Twinkle, Leela says she was getting ready so she will come later, Pinni comes in party and says all ladies will be jealous, she finds old lady Preto wearing earrings, Nana comes to Preto and tells about same earrings, Preto ask what to do now? there are duplicates available in market.

Scene 2
Kunj comes back home, Manohar takes him aside and ask where were you? you just always ldo mistakes, there are many ministers here and you.. i dont have time to listen your rubbish, all guests want to meet Kunj Sarna, son of Manohar Sarna, look at yourself even my servants are more better than you, you and your mother just insult em everytime Kunj says dont bring mom in all this Manohar ask him to lower his eyes, Kunj does, Manohar is about to slap him but wife stops him and says i will bring him in party, Manohar says come fast else my hand will be raised, he leaves, Kunj ask his mother, why you sto’p me? i dont like the way he talks to you she says he is my husband, Kunj says so he will not respect you? she says leave it, you promise me that you will respect your wife, he says i will, he leaves.
Kunj enters party in tuxedo, Leela thinks he will look great with Twinkle, Twinkle comes in party, she loses balances and is about to fall but Kunj holds her, both look at each other, Sajna ve plays, Yuvi comes in and sees them like this, Twinkle gets up, Kunj holds her hand and spins her, kshe sees Yuvi and pulls her hand back, some ladies ask Kunj will you do arrange marriage or love? Manohar says arrange, he will marry where i want. Chinki comes to Twinkle and says you must have patched up with Yuvi, Twinkle is sad, Manohar says to Kunj that i have selected Twinkle for you, you meet her, anita lbrings Yuvi there, Yuvi says to Manohar that you are from classy family like us, Manohar leaves, Kunj calls waiter and offers Yuvi juice, Yuvi says i dont drink these, i am grown up so i like alcohal, Kunj says with alcohal one loses senses, Twinkle comes and says you are right, one doesnt know what he is saying, you are like me its good as we are goin go to marry, Yuvi looks on.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that i was drunk that day i dont know what i said, i am sorry Twinkle angrily looks at him. Leela ask Kunj and Twinkle about relation, Manohar says relation is confirmed from my side, Twinkle is shocked.

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