Suryaputra Karn 24th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Bhism telling maharaja Dhritarastra that Karn helped kingdom and is a symbol of justice, but he did wrong by holding weapon being a sooth/low caste, so he should be given simple punishment. Karn says he will not accept punishment as he did not do anything wrong and asks who made khsatriya and sooth. Bhism says society. Karan says rules are made when he was not born, so why should he accept them now. People start shouting that karn should be punished for opposing raja. Karn says repeats he did not do wrong. Shon asks who dares to fight with his brother, he runs and picks bow from a khatriya man and throws it on karn. Karn catches it, picks arrow from someone and points at khatriyas when Bhism shoots arrow on him. Arrow becomes rope and ties Karn. He shoots another arrow. Adhirath stands in front of karn. Arrow stops just in front of him and returns back to Bhism. Bhism says he will not kill a child in courtyard. Dhritarastra says Adhirath that his son should not hold arrow from here as a punishment and if he picks, Adhirath should throw him out of hastinapur. Adhirath accepts punishment and takes karn home.

At home, Radha waits holding aarti thali for karn. Vaishali asks if she can perform karn’s aarti. Radha says she can as friends trusted Karn when everyone opposed him. Vaishali performs karn’s aarti and says he is their leader from today. Soldier comes and informs Adhirath that Bhism wants to meet him and Karn tomorrow morning on the bank of river ganga. Adhirath nods yes. He sends children to go and rest now. Tauji says raja did injustice on karn. Adhirath says many people stopped karn from holding weapon, but raja took away his hope itself and now karn cannot hold weapon forever.

Adhirath meets Bhism in the morning and greets him. Bhim asks what does he do. Adhirath says he just came to city and is jobless. Bhism appoints him as his chariot driver. Adhirath thanks him. Bhism say if he stays with him, he can keep an eye on his son Karn and says he will guide karn and make him better chariot driver. Adhirath thanks him and leaves.

Karn enters and says he is not an animal to be guided and is a man. He enters into water, prays god surya and takes oath that he will give charity to Bhism by dropping weapon today, but in the future if he has to pick weapon, nobody can make him sacrifice weapon then. Bhism watches him silently.

Precap: Grown up Shon tells Karn that today is last day of their exam and Bhism will evaluate them. Karn says he has made special chariot for Bhism…

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