Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya crying and asking Abhi to return home. She says she has done this for him. Aaliya tells whenever she does something, Pragya stops her and this time she has come as a tigress. Tanu tells that Pragya has spoiled her wedding function. Aaliya says Pragya might be upto something and has some plan as she came on the first day of the marriage function. Raj says she might have some intention to stop the wedding. Tanu says if Pragya stops the wedding then she will take sanyas. Aaliya says she will think something. Raj says only one man can help them, and ie, Abhi. He asks Tanu and Aaliya to instigate Abhi against Pragya and take him on their side, to fail Pragya in her planning. He says he will think how to transfer property on Abhi’s name. Sarla thinks about Pragya’s words and tells Beeji that she can’t think even in her dream that Pragya could do such a thing. Jhanki tells that she has seen her daughter Purvi changing for money. Beeji says Pragya has changed. Sarla tells that she lied to them that Pragya called and said that she is fine. She says she don’t know why Pragya came to the function and did this. She asks her to think that she was someone else.

Pragya is crying in the room and thinks how to find out if Abhi came back home or not. She thinks to call Abhi and then thinks to control on her emotions. She thinks to enquire with the family members about Abhi. Aaliya and Tanu come to Abhi (Abhi might be in his office) and ask to open the door. Aaliya provokes Abhi. Tanu says Abhi told that he will never give me tension. Aaliya says Abhi will open the door. Tanu asks her to go home and check on Pragya. Tai ji gets tensed and thinks Pragya will throw them out of house. Mitali says you have tortured Pragya a lot and she might throw you first. Dasi tells Aaliya and Tanu went to bring Abhi back home. Pragya comes downstairs and asks what is happening here? She says how can you sleep, as your sleep have been flown by your grand son. She asks where is Tanu? If she went to bring Abhi home. Dasi asks her to go and sleep. Pragya says this house is mine and everyone will do according to my wish. She says I don’t want any asset to waste my money. She asks them to wake up at 7 am, and she will inform them about the do’s. Dasi gets angry. Dadi asks her to come. Pragya asks God to give her strength and thinks it is very difficult to play rudely.

Abhi thinks Pragya loves him very much and can give her life for him. He thinks she is not greedy for money, but why she is doing this. He thinks Pragya will call him and will apologize if she really cares for him. He waits for her next step. Abhi wonders about Pragya and waits for her phone call. He gets Purab’s call. Purab tells that he will go home and will enquire. He says he don’t know what is happening. Abhi asks him to enquire and says if Pragya is really after money, then he don’t want his family to stay there. He says he don’t want Dadi to feel bad. Dasi tells that she will go to her Pind, and asks aren’t you getting angry? Dadi says she is angry, but can’t do anything. Dasi says only Abhi can control her. Aaliya tries searching for proofs against Pragya in her room. Pragya comes to Dadi and Dasi’s room and asks them to sleep early in the morning so that they don’t get ill and waste money on medicine. She asks them to call Abhi and asks to come home. Dasi says she will not call, and Abhi will come home whenever he likes. Pragya says if they won’t do then she will do something.

Pragya comes to her room and see Aaliya. She asks if she is walking in sleeping and warns her not to enter her room without her permission. Aaliya tells this is my brother’s room and he needs some stuff. Pragya asks what? Aaliya says Abhi want to hear some music and that’s why she came to take music CD. She taunts Pragya and says music will be relaxing for him. Pragya asks her to inform Abhi to come and take his things, rather than sending his representatives. She warns her again. She thinks Aaliya is very clever and will not stay quiet. She thinks how to bring him back home.

Abhi asks Pragya to apologize to him, Dadi, and everyone. Pragya refuses and says his sense of humor is good. Abhi gets angry and hold her neck. They stare each other..

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