Swaragini 24th August 2015 Written Episode

Ragini comes to Swara and Sanskar’s room. She asks Swara to wear her clothes for today as she don’t want anyone to taunt her. She acts sweetly and goes. Sanskar asks how can she be so normal? Swara says she should be tensed. Swara asks Sanskar to close the AC. He closes it. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna to start the puja. Parineeta tells that we shall start the puja as Laksh and Ragini are coming. Sujata tells bengalan is also coming. Ragini asks Swara, why you are not wearing saree being marwadi bahu. She asks her not to do anything to spoil everyone’s mood. Swara tells I didn’t wear saree as it was yours. You have the habit to become Swara, but I don’t want to become Ragini. She says it is your habit to snatch my things. She says I entered this house being Swara and has not acted. Sanskar asks Sujata, am I elder than Laksh? Sujata says yes, you are 1.5 months elder than him. Sanskar says so my wife has the first right to do the puja. Sujata says she will make the temple impure. Swara says let it be, until family accepts me as bahu. Sanskar says no, everyone has accepted you and did your grah pravesh. You are bahu of this house now.

Sujata asks Sanskar not to argue. Ragini says it is okay as Swara is her sister and it doesn’t effect. She asks why you are doing this Swara? Don’t hurt my family? Sujata gets worried about Ragini’s acting. Ragini says you didn’t want to marry. She says Sanskar wanted to ruin this family and now married Swara for saving Laksh. Durga Prasad asks her to come to the point. Ragini says this marriage is fake. Swara says no. Ragini says she has proof to prove her words. She apologizes to everyone and tells that she has done something wrong yesterday. She tells that she had kept video camera in Sanskar and Swara’s room. Durga Prasad shouts Ragini. Ragini tells that yesterday night was hard to spend for Laksh and she can’t see him suffer. Durga Prasad says it is enough of the drama and leaves with Ram. Ragini says I will bring that proof and goes to bring it.

Ragini brings the phone and puts the recording on TV. Everyone see Sanskar asking Swara, if she is having problem with AC. He says I don’t get sleep in AC. The video ends there. Ragini tries to switch it on…..Annapurna asks her to close it. Ragini says Sanskar and Swara have done this. They have removed the video. Swara says if we have known it, then we would have not let you shown this much footage. Swara tells that it was good that their husband and wife moment was not captured in the video. Laksh closes his eyes in pain. Annapurna scolds Ragini and tells I didn’t expect this from you, looking at your values. She says you have kept camera in a married couple room, disgusting.

Swara and Sanskar do the aarti victoriously. A flashback is shown, Swara falls down and see the camera. She shows it to Sanskar. He tells her that he will edit the recording, and tells that Ragini can’t play for long. He asks her to get ready. Flashback ends. Swara gives aarti to everyone. Sujata asks Parineeta to make the arrangements for breakfast. Swara tries to give aarti to Laksh, but he goes away. Swara tells Ragini that God is with truth only and asks her to have prasad to have strength to accept defeat. They leave. Ragini looks on.

Dida gives sweets to the neighbors and tells that her shona is married in a rich family. She asks Dadi to have sweets. Dadi refuses. Dida says I will also not give you. She says we will make a new relation. Dadi says my grand daughter is teaching lesson to your grand daughter there. Dida says your grand daughter kept video in my grand daughter’s room. Dadi says your grand daughter is playing dirty games and my grand daughter is trying to expose her. They argye. Dida throws chilli on Dadi. Dadi asks are you mad to throw my chillis. Shekhar and Sumi take them inside.

Dadi asks Ragini to become Adarsh bahu and says Swara can’t defeat you in this as she has not qualities of a adrash bahu. Ragini cooks something. Annapurna tastes and says it is very salty. Ragini accuses Swara and asks why did you do this. Annapurna asks Swara, did you do this.

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