Tere Sheher Mein 24th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumitra saying she has few conditions, they have guests to stay in their house till marriage is over. She says my sister, mum and sister in law will stay here in this haveli so that they can see how marriage preparations are going on. Gajanand says fine, and asks Rudra to see about the stay. Nani says its less time and mandap rasam should happen till evening. Sneha says today evening? Sumitra asks what, any problem. Sneha says it will be done. Rama’s Bua says she has headache and asks where to rest. Gajanand asks Rudra to take them to room. Nani tells about all rituals.

Rudra brings the bags and keeps in the room. Mohini flirts with Rudra. Rudra says his respect is in danger and she asks his phone number. He says he stays here, she can call him. She insists. He says number and starts running. He falls on the bed. Nani says this is best service. Bua asks Rudra to get soft drinks for them. Mohini laughs. Nani says its her age to tease boys, will I tease boys in this age, now we will wait for right time to ignite and see the drama.

Rudra does heavy work and Kaushalya is irked. Amaya hands over the flowers to Mantu. Mantu keeps it there and does work. Rama’s Bua hides the mango leaves. Gajanand scolds Mantu. Mantu asks his friend about it and says he has got the mango leaves. Gajanand says where did it go then. Sneha asks what will we do now. Mantu says I will get it now. Gajanand says leave it, we would have given work to responsible person if Rama did not take Mantu’s name. Dinesh says he will get mango leaves. Bua says how will he get it now.

Manohar comes and they all scold him for not doing the work. He says he has got mango leaves. Manohar says he did mistake, he got the wrong bag before, this bad has mango leaves. They all get relieved. Mantu thanks and hugs Manohar. Rudra brings cow dung by tying cloth to his face, and sees more cow dung there. He says why did they not tell him before.

The mandap is set. Nani starts yelling on Sneha and asks what is she doing. Sneha asks what. Nani asks her whose child is Rachita. Sneha, Gajanand and everyone are shocked. Nani says I think Rachita does not belong to this family. Rudra thinks what is this old woman doing, all game will end now. Gajanand asks why are they saying so, in this good moment. Nani and Bua say Sneha is doing abshagun, she is a widow and doing the rasams. Amaya says enough, and defends Sneha.

She says when a mum can spend her life to take care of children, she is preached like Devi, why can’t she do any rasam, your mindset is so low. They say this is tradition, ask your family about it. Kaushalya says they are saying right. Amaya says we will not do this, many wrong practices are done since years, now its nowhere as it were wrong, this is new generation, I don’t think we are so uneducated not to understand this. Nani says we are insulted, lets leave. Bua asks Gajanand to give some sense to Amaya. Sneha asks Amaya to stop arguing, its fine, I won’t do the rituals. Amaya says this is wrong.

Gajanand asks Amaya not to be adamant. Nani says mahurat is going, if there is anything inauspicious then it will be on Amaya’s head. Amaya says she does not have any problem with rituals. Mohini asks Amaya to do the rituals and take cow dung from Sneha’s hand. Sneha and Jaz ask Amaya not to do so, she can’t do it. Amaya says I can do this, if many women make food by cow dung fire, why can’t I touch this.

She touches the cow dung ad does the rasam. Everyone get shocked seeing Amaya doing it, and smile. Amaya asks Bua does she want her to apply this anywhere, don’t challenge me, I don’t move back when it comes on my family. Nani says its many rasams in 7 days.

Amaya says I m ready to take all responsibilities. Nani says we will come with the clothes you send us. Gajanand says fine, don’t worry. Bua says my Munnu is coming tomorrow, don’t make things less for him. Mohini flirts with Rudra. Gajanand says they have to do shopping, who to give this duty. Pushpa says Amaya will manage. Gajanand says its big duty. Amaya says I will manage, don’t worry. Sneha smiles.

Bua shows Munnu’s pic and Nani says till we get good clothes for Munnu, we will not go. Amaya goes to buy 17 year boy .

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