Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj arguing. Suhani says she did not keep fast, for whom will she keep the fast. Soumya asks her to have samosas. Yuvraaj says she loves it, but she won’t have it. suhani refuses to have it and argues with him. He goes. Soumya hugs Suhani and asks her to have some food. Soumya goes. Suhani cries recalling the old moments, and eats the samosas. Yuvraaj looks on. She coughs and he gives her water. She looks at him.

Yuvraaj goes out. Rohan comes to him. Yuvraaj asks shall I help you in packing. Rohan smiles and asks do you think you can win Suhani’s heart by a fake court order. Yuvraaj says yes, if you can win a place in this house by a lie. Suhani sees the same box in Yuvraaj’s luggage. Rohan and Yuvraaj argue over exposing each other. Yuvraaj taunts him calling him a coward. Rohan asks him why did he come when he left Suhani.

Yuvraaj scolds him and says you came here by lying, you blackmailed Lata to do this marriage, accept challenge if you love Suhani a lot. Suhani comes there. Rohan smiles seeing her and tells Yuvraaj that I agree, we will marry after 7 days and you will dance in our marriage.

Sharad asks Pratima to have food, he will call Yuvraaj and ask did he talk to Suhani or not. Yuvraaj comes for dinner, and sees Rohan sitting with everyone. Lata serves food to Rohan and says you really care for Suhani a lot. Yuvraaj gets angry and goes to bring a chair for himself. He adds the chair there and sits to dine with them. Pankaj says he is our son in law. Lata says not anymore. Pankaj says still 5 days. Yuvraaj holds a bowl and Lata takes it from his hand. Yuvraaj says I don’t eat Daal at night, its fine. Suhani passes salad to Yuvraaj. He says Suhani knows I just eat salad at night, and tells Pankaj that Suhani broke Teej fast with samosas I got for her. Pankaj says she refused samosas which Rohan got.

Bhavna asks Suhani to come for shopping her bridal dress tomorrow, and call Soumya too. Yuvraaj gets a call and goes. He talks to Sharad. Sharad asks is everything fine there. Yuvraaj says yes, Lata and Bhavna are angry with me, I will convince them, Rohan is fooling everyone with lies, I will show his true face to Suhani. Sharad wishes him all the best.

Its morning, Lata serves hot parathas to Rohan. She tells Bhavna to make Suhani ready, they have to buy a good bridal dress for Suhani this time. She taunts Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj leaves and goes to his room. He sees the juice glass there and smiles saying Suhani might have kept this. He says Day 1. Rohan says he will call Dadi and say about Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj talks to Soumya and asks is she ready. She says yes, I refused to Bhavna, are you ready. He says yes. Rohan gets a chit and reverse psychology is written on it. He then sees divorce, truth, exhibition and other things Rohan has done.

Yuvraaj tells Rohan that Suhani will come home in 10 mins, tell her truth, else I will tell your truth to her. Rohan says you feel I will get scared of this warnings, you won’t be able to do anything without proof. Yuvraaj says yes, I know this. The door bell rings. Rohan opens the door and gets shocked seeing the couple. Yuvraaj says its still time. Bhavna and Lata come home, as Bhavna was not feeling well. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna to take rest.

The man gives fees to Rohan. They say against Yuvraaj and asks Yuvraaj who is he. The lady tells Lata that Suhani united them. Lata says she is glad to know. Yuvraaj is shocked. Rohan thanks the couple. The man says it good Rohan said that man is mad. Rohan says yes, he is mad, thanks so much. Yuvraaj says Rohan is lying, he manipulated Suhani. Lata scolds Yuvraaj. She asks him to leave. Yuvraaj refuses saying he won’t go till 5 days. Rohan says you will go in 5mins. Yuvraaj says stay away from me. Rohan says you stay away from Suhani. Rohan says get out and pushes Yuvraaj over Bhavna. She moves back being scared for her baby. Suhani and Pankaj come there.

Suhani asks Rohan what did he do. Bhavna starts crying. Rohan calls doctor. Suhani scolds Rohan for pushing Yuvraaj on Bhavna. They all worry. Rohan bows down being tensed.

A girl hugs Yuvraaj and asks him not to leave her. Yuvraaj asks what are you doing. The girl forces herself on him. Suhani and her family are shocked seeing this.

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