Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th August 2015 Written Episode

Cabir and Naviya are talking to a couple and Cabir asks them whether if they had a problem with the baby being boy or a girl but they said that they do not have a problem then Cabir asks that do have any financial but they say that they have already taken some steps in this regard then out of nowhere Naviya asks that if their child was gay and hearing this they say that it will not be like that because they will not make any mistake in the upbringing and so nothing will be out of the way and they will do all that they can to protect her. Cabir asks them to give them some time and takes Naviya to the other room and says that what was that she asked and she says that it was a simple question and they answered it that way but Cabir say that it was a big mistake and she should not have done that and then Naviya says that she doesnot want her child to suffer like he did and then he remembers how his mother kicked him out and then Navya says that she would have proposed to him if he was normal and saying this she tries to leave but he pulls her back and says to not say it again.

Cabr says to Naviya that why did she called his mother but she says that she called her because she wanted to congratulate him. Cabir says that why does she want to do it now and his mother calls from behind and says that she wants him to give her few minutes and says that she is sorry about what she has done and knows that she was selfish and did not think of him and says that she wants him to forgive her and come back and he also hugs her.

Cabir is resting with his head resting on his mother’s laps and says that that he wants those who are close to him to accept him the way he is and says that he always thought that if he will find true love after what Radhav did.

His mother says that should go home after he has said that everything is alright but he says that he could not because he promised Naviya that he would not leave her and she says that she did not says that they would leave her because she will go with them as she owes a lot to her and Cabir is surprised and fells happy that his mom is with him once again.

All of them are in the academy and Naviya says that shouldn’t they be in Aryaman’s house but Cabir says that Dhruv called them here and said that they would all go together and then he comes and sys that he was preparing what to say on this Cabir says that they only won the Talent hunt and not the Grammy’s that he was preparing the speech but he says that he wants to say sorry to them and he doesnot know if they would forgive him but he has to try and Mukti asks that would he not asks for Manik’s apology and on this he gets quiet.

Nandhani is in Manik’s room and the lights suddenly so out and Manik comes with fireflies in his hand and releases them. Nandhani after seeing them says that they are dying and suddenly Manik runs the projector which says Manan on the wall with Fireflies covering it and he says that he wants to celebrate their time together and they both say that they love eachother.

Precap: Manik and Nandhani are making out in his room. Aryaman is taking out the leftovers. Mukti comes and starts beating Harshad and he says that this time Manik will be over and Nyonika rushes out to see Manik’s car up in flames.

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