Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya following someone in the dark. She tries to see Chandu’s face. Chandu fixes the chip in some unit. She sees his back covered with a blanket. He calls commander and says he has hidden the chip at new place and police can’t find it, it never happens that Chandu does not do his work well. She hears his conversation and hides when he turns. She gets shocked seeing its Shekhar.

She recalls everyone’s words about Shekhar. She says Shekhar is Chandu. Chandu goes from there. She rushes and lies on her bed before he comes. Chandu comes to everyone and asks them to get up, its time to leave. They all get inside the truck and leave. Officer Sing also boards that truck and sits on the top. She says Sandhya is either on secret mission or any problem, in both ways, I m with her. The truck leaves.

Daisa tells Bhabho that she is her friend, Bhabho could have told her, don’t know what would Sooraj do. Bhabho says nothing will happen to Sooraj, Lord is with her. Sandhya sees Chandu and the men singing and playing dhol. Sandhya thinks Shekhar is so clever, I could not know him staying here for so many days, whats his motive to steal this chip, its surely some big plan, I have to make this info reach Bharat about finding Chandu.

Mohit takes Emily’s phone and sees Zakir’s name. He scolds her for calling Zakir. She says she is worried for Sooraj. He says your reason was ready, you are arguing with your husband…. They all see Lalima at the door. Meenakshi says what is she doing here, her brother has already told so much. Lalima brings Sooraj. They all get glad seeing Sooraj.

Sooraj holds Lalima’s hand. Lalima gives his hand to Bhabho and asks her to take care of her son. Sooraj says no, I won’t go inside, tell them that Sandhya is alive. Daisa says he has got mad, our sun has got eclipse. Sooraj asks Lalima to say Sandhya is alive and will come back, tell them. Lalima says yes, Sandhya is alive. They all look at her. Lalima says I m with Sooraj ji. Sooraj asks them to say now. Lalima asks him to go inside. He says no, they are liars and will make me marry someone by lying. Meenakshi thinks what magic Lalima did that he trusts Lalima, and not his family. Sooraj holds Lalima’s hand and refuses to go inside his home alone. He asks Lalima to come and they step inside the house. Ved hugs Sooraj.

Daisa and other ladies leave. Sooraj says I said Sandhya is alive. He asks Lalima not to go. Chandu says we reached village and asks them to go home and rest. They all get down the truck. Officer Singh sees Sandhya and tries signing her. Sandhya does not see her. Officer Singh uses her watch to put light on Sandhya to catch her attention. She hears them handing over Sandhya her belongings and calling her Sagarika. Officer Singh thinks it means she is on secret mission, I m with her, this area is of Garjana. Sandhya thinks she has to follow Chandu to know their plan.

Chandu tells Sandhya that she helped him a lot in drama and thanks her. Sandhya thinks she now wants to know Garjana’s plan. Officer Singh thinks there is something wrong here, she has to find Garjana’s plan but first tell Sandhya about my presence here. She throws her wallet and hides as the truck leaves. Sandhya hears the coins falling sound and turns to see the purse. She says such purse is not found here in village and checks it. She sees Officer Singh’s ID card and says it means she is near. She thinks if Garjana gets her, she will be in danger.

Sandhya asks the boy about Garjana. Manjari looks on. Lalima says she will answer everyone, but she also has a question, they all have to answer.

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