Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bindu blesses his sons and makes them eat butter, he comes to Ashok and says you have made my janmashtmi special, he blesses her, Dharma is happy.
Radha says to Chanakya that its very late, we should leave, Chanakya see Ashok coming, throws letter there and leaves, Ashok comes and takes letter, he is about to read but Khurasan snatches it from him and reads, he is confused, AShok is tensed and ask whats written in it? Khurasan says nothing, he torn paper, Ashok says give me, i will put it in dustbin, he says leave it, what you have done to meet Dharma and her son? Ashok says dont you remember they beat me because of you, let them calm down first they should not doubt that you are with me then i will meet them and will inform Bindu too, Khurasan agrees and leaves, he gives paper to him and leaves, Ashok smirks.
Khurasan tells Noor and Helena that Ashok was getting beaten up by Dharma and her son, Helena says you didnt see their faces, it can be trap for you, Khurasan says if it was drama then Ashok wouldnt have hurt himself so much, Helena says i am feeling that Chanakya is behind all this, Noor ask you have proof or doubt by which you are saying that Chanakya is involved with Ashok in all this? did you listen Chanakya saying something? Helena recalls how chanakya said to her that trap is being made around Bindu so that he believe that Dharma is betrayer, she recalls how Chanakya read that anyalist’s family record, she says Chanakya made sure that he read that record, he was talking to Ashok with eyes, we should check that record, maybe we will get something in it, Khurasan ask where is that record, Noor recalls how Bindu took that record and put in his room, she tell them, Helena says Khurasan will bring that record from Bindua’s room as we cant trust anyone else, Khurasan says how i will go there? Helena says leave it on me, i can do anything to know secret of chanakya and Ashok.

Bindu says he is great warrior, you will see it, soldier ask Drupat to get up, Dharma is tensed for him too, Drupat gets up and starts doing stunt, Bindu gets happy, Dharma cant see it and leaves from there.
Dharma comes to her room and cries, Ashok comes there and ask what happened? why you are crying? did anyone say anything to you? Dharma cries, Ashok says tell me what happened, i cant see you crying, Dharma says after listening to Bindu and Subhrasi’s talk, i realized first time that i am not a good mother, Ashok says you are best mother of world and i pray that you are my mother in every life, you have raised me single handedly, you took all the pain so that i can be safe, Dharma says till when i can protect you? so i wanna tell you something, i didnt tell you this before as i thought you would get hurt, Dharma says to Ashok that i wanna tell you something which you deserve to know, you are not common kid but.. Ashok says i am prince, Dharma is shocked.

PRECAP- Dasi tells Bindu that Noor wanna talk to you, Bindu leaves, Khurasan comes in Bindu’s room and takes record from there. Record is given to literate person to read it, he reads that Bindu married a Brahmin girl whose name was.. Helena, Khurasan and Noor looks on.

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