Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarika forgiving Romi. They dance on the song Dil mera……. Everyone dance and smile.

Raman sits murmuring. Ishita comes. He asks how can she behave normal after so much. She gives him the ointment. He says you are not saying anything, why so, how can man understand his wife. She says no need to understand. He says he will recall what happened last night. She asks her to ask Neelu to get lemon water for her, she wishes to have something sour. He says what, women eat sour when…. You know, sit.

He says it means anyone coming and shows baby. She says there is nothing such, anyone can have sour things. He asks her to have kerela juice and goes. She says he is cute, if I fight, he argues, when I did not say anything, he is feeling guilty. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………..

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla and everyone are doing arrangements. Sarika come and Mrs. Bhalla stops her, saying she can’t come inside. Romi asks what happened to mum. Mrs. Bhalla starts laughing and says she fooled all of them, its Sarika and Romi’s marriage tomorrow, you can come here as bahu. Sarika smiles. Romi asks what are you saying. Vandu says Sarika will come at our house and we will do all rituals. Mrs. Bhalla says she will send Ishita there.

Ishita says work is sorted and does rituals with Romi, while Vandu does rituals with Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to meet till marriage. Romi and Sarika takes elders blessings. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to come in Mata Ki Chowki in evening. She asks Vandu to take Sarika inside. She asks Raman to take Ishita to doctor and not forget it. Raman says we will go. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sure Lord will make everything fine. Ishita says yes.

Manoj comes home. Shagun asks him to have breakfast. She says you must be tired, what happened, and asks about Ishita’s reports. He stops taking the first bite and says now I understand you are doing all this for Ishita, no need to do drama, I don’t take bribe for my patients, you are oversmart manipulative types. She says I was just being nice, think and talk. He says sorry. She says its just about Ishita. He says I promise I will do whatever is possible and holds her hand. She smiles. He says we will have breakfast. Raman and Ishita are going to meet doctor. They have a nokjhok and leave. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………..

Raman and Ishita meet Manoj. Raman says what a small world. Manoj says yes. Raman asks about problem. Manoj says its solved as of now. He tells about the reports and he has full hope that Ishita can get pregnant, give her some time and try for natural pregnancy, I will do her uterus test too, and asks her to meet the nurse. Raman says I will come. Ishita says no, you will faint to see, stay here. Manoj asks Raman to relax, be positive, so she will be positive. Raman requests him to do best for Ishita, as she is a good mum, people taunted her as she could not become mum, she deserves this chance.

Manoj tells him that Ishita has many wishes, Ruhi told me that Ishita is good mum. Raman says Ruhi is my daughter, where did you meet her. The nurse comes and asks Manoj and he goes. Shagun calls Manoj and asks about Ishita. Manoj tells about Raman and Ishita coming there, even Raman is tensed like you, come and meet him, I was telling him about you. She asks him not to tell them, as they are her life’s closed chapter, they won’t like me interfering, Ishita will share it with me when she is comfortable. He says fine, and ends call. He says why is Ruhi excited for their baby, what relation they have. She hopes Ishita’s reports come positive. Ishita and Raman come home and tell Mrs. Bhalla about tests done and hope to get good reports.

The family keeps Mata Ki Chowki and the function is shown…………

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