Qubool Hai 26th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
Akram’s mother taunts khan begum, if this is what happens in their haveli, that the maids insult rich and famous people. She says that they too know that their daughter has been rejected by many guys, but they didnt make an issue out of it. She says that they do know what kainat hides behind the dupatta. they are all shocked and distraught. Azad and amad get furious, while mahira stands tensed. Akram’s mother goes upto her, and takes off the dupatta from kainat’s hand exposing her paralysed hand, while she is mortified with embarassment and in tears. Khan begum is distraught. she is taunted further that they agreed only due to her name, but not anymore. khan begum says that they dont know mahira, and they shouldnt punish kainat for her. His mother asks akram to come along and leave. Azad stops them, and they turn around. he tells them that they shall not go anywhere, as if anyone has to go, its mahira. mahira requests a chance to speak up. he asks her to stop, as she has said enough. Amad asks to let her speak once. But khan begum shuts him saying that he shouldnt speak in the elderly matters and go inside. he angrily goes inside. Mahira vehemently tries to convince them. Akram asks how can they stand his and his family’s result. Mahira tells that they can check her phone, as the girl sent this guy’s pic too. Akram and his family are tensed. She takes them all to the kitchen. Latif is happily gorging on the icecream. mahira asks latif to speak up. gazalla asks her about the phone. Latif says that she put it in the microwave to dry up. they are all shocked, while mahira is apalled, that she did something so foolish. Just then, the phone blasts inside the microwave, and mahira eyes her burnt phone, as she opens the oven. Akram’s mother asks mahira if she has a new conspiracy to implicate akram. Khan begum nudges azad, and he asks mahira to get lost. Mahira says that the girl is Zohra, and that they can retrieve the call list from the company. Azad says that its enough, and now she shall have to leave. mahira asks them to verify it once. Azad grabs her by the hand, and takes her out, while mahira desperately tries to remember the number. Akram and his mother stand tensed. she asks azad his phone, to prove her point. He complies. They all wait anticipated as she dials the number, and it starts ringing. But noone picks up. Akram asks what is she trying to prove by dialling a random number. But she gets a call back, and zohra identifies herself. Mahira is emboldened and asks her about her boyfriend’s name. and they all are shocked when she says that its sartaj. all are furious, while kainat is relieved. Akram remembers how he saw his own pic in the mobile when it fell in the water, and instantly got to action. Mahira asks why did she say she is pregnant with her boyfriend Akram’s child. Zohra refuses it all. They are all furious and kainat is boggled. akram smiles evilly, as he remembers calling her from the outside, cajoling her saying that he is meeting a girl to fulfill his parents’ wish, but he shall marry only her, as he loves her, and they are sirirng a child together too. She smiles. he traps her, saying that if she gets anyone’s call, she should deny about their relationship altogether. he smiles at his mother. She asks akram how did mahira get the pic. He says that he doesnt care and says that he knows zohra shall be quiet and he shall marry kainat, for the riches. Thats why when mahira calls up, Zohra says that she didnt send any pic. Azad cancels the call in disgust. mahira says that maybe the number is wrong, khan begum signals azad, and he says that her drama is over, and asks her not to be here tomorrow, and if this girl is seen, then saira and bano shall go too. they are tensed. He asks mahira to leave tomorrow, as he cant stand her in the house at any cost. Mahira distraughtedly tries to convince them of her point, but they dont see it. azad says that her drama has been enough, and now she shouldnt be allowed to stay even for one second in the house. mahira turns around helplessly. saira and bano are amused. the groom’s mother says that its good that this girl is thrown out of the house, as is isnt good to be so lenient with the maids after all. Mahra is apalled as she walks out, while kainat is boggled. khan begum consoles her. Azad angrily slams the door shut on her face, as mahira confronts them with tearful eyes. she is in uncontrollable tears.

In the night, khan begum and anand kumar are super furious at the dining table, about what happened, and how a petty maid insulted them like this in front of kainat’s prospective family, saying that this has never happened before. anand kumar says that he doesnt know what would have happened had hey rejected kainat due to it. Azad angrily begins to speak, spewing venom. Amad asks him to chill, as he takes his seat too, saying that it was entertaining. azad says that kainat’s life could have been spoiled, and he finds it entertainment. Azad and amad enter into a verbal scuffle yet again, where amad retorts back, to ever angry statement of azad. Kainat intervenes their fight, as they compose themselves for her sake. They are prepping for tomorrow’s engagement. khan begum says that she doesnt want anything to go wrong tomorrow, at any cost. She says that tomorrow is a big day and a big night too. Azad assures her that nothing shall go wrong at any cost.

In the outhouse, mahira is frustratedly packing her bags, while venting out her anger at how stupid the family is, that they cant see their own child is going forward to their life being ruined. she is sad that she is leaving the haveli. she remembers that her father taught her always to help the weak and desolate, and then says that noone is believeing her and she has no other option but to go. She also remembers that her father told her to keep her self respect intact. She wonders what to do. Just then, instorm saira and bano too angrily vent out her frustration at her, and throw her out of the house with her stuff. mahira asks where would she go at this time of the night. but they angrily go inside, leaving her stranded. Mahira is apalled as she eyes the lord, wondering where can she go. She takes her suitcase and then begins to walk out of the main gate.

The next day, Khan begum dresses up in grandeur, saying that the story thats been ongoing for 25 years shall finally end. khan begum says that tonight her daughter shall be engaged, and tonight itself, the blue kasjnar flower shall also blossom, which when she touches with her hands, she would regain her old powers and glory forever. she smiles evilly. She says that once she gets her powers back, she shall spread evil and destruction. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: As the engagement function is on, khan begum says that they should get the rings out. Just then, Mahira meanwhile comes in the disguise of a burqa, and stealthily tries to steal akram’s mobile frm his pocket. But azad draws him away oblivously just at that moment, and she steps back. Azad gets suspicious. Azad eyes her suspiciously and then unveils her. They are angry to see mahira. khan begum comes and slaps her. she is apalled…

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