Reporters 26th August 2015 Written Episode

Ananya tells Kabeer that mom does not want their marriage now as she went to Shreya’s home yesterday and Shreya brainwashed her. Kabeer is shocked. She says she told mom if not Kabeer, she will not marry anyone.

Arav tells mom that he wants to talk to her. She asks what. He says he wants to talk about Ananya and says she, he, ananya, jiju are family. She says Kabeer is not his jiju. He says he considers kabeer as jiju and kabeer is the one who saved him and ananya. Ananya openly told she will not marry anyone except kabeer. Mom reminisces Shreya’s words and thinks kabeer runs away from committment.

Kabeer consoles Ananya and says he will convince mom. He wipes her tears and asks her not to shed tears as he gets tensed seeing them. He asks her to close eyes. She does. He kisses her cheek and asks what lead Tinu gave. She says he gave same lead and told that his friend heard about some people talking about some goods coming into city, etc. She will go with him and find out truth. Kabeer gets mom’s call and says he wanted to meet her personally. She says there is no need to meet and asks if he loves her daughter. He says yes. She says even after knowing his past, she will accept him for Ananya on one condition. He asks what is it. She says she wants him to get engaged to Ananya. He smiles and says as she wishes and asks not to give this news to ananya, he will give it himself. He then tells Ananya to inform tinu that they both will meet him and his friend and go the dhaba where people will meet.

Mom looks at her husband’s pic and says she is worried about Ananya and asks if he will help her.

Kabeer informs Taruni about his engagement with Ananya and asks her to get a ring. She gets happy and asks if he has Ananya’s ring size. He asks why size. She says size is needed to prepare ring. He thinks where to get size now.

Manav speaks to his girlfriend over phone who tells she is going on a 1 week flight. He says that is the drawback of having airhostess girlfriend. He can meet her only on land or he has to become pilot. Malvika enters, and Manav starts shedding his crocodile tears and luring her and says he wants to patch up with her and wants to go for dinner with her forgetting kabeer, ananya, etc. He holds her hand and requests to agree. She smiles and says she will bring her purse. He smirks.

Kabeer sees Ananya sitting sadly in cafeteria and asks why is she still sad. She says mom will not accept their relationship so easily and they should talk to her once. He says mom has every right to worry about her and says she has at least mom to worry, but he does not have anyone. He looks at her ring and reminisces Taruni’s words. He consoles her that whatever they think will happen. She says they can leave now and she will bring her bag. He says he will meet Shreya once.

Precap: Shreya asks Kabeer if he is upset regarding Ananya’s mom’s decision. He says he is not and in fact wants to befriend him, soon he will give her a good news…

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