Swaragini 26th August 2015 Written Episode

Durga Prasad asks Ram and Adarsh to come to office. He asks Annapurna to solve the matter by evening and says this is my house and not a fighting place. They leave. Annapurna asks Swara, did you do this? Sanskar says why will Swara do this? Ragini says why will Swara do that. She says she will make something for them, or ask them to have good made by Swara. Laksh says Swara did wrong. Ragini asks Laksh not to interfere in women matters. Ragini turns to Swara and asks, I hope you got peace now. Why you are showing enmity towards me. What did I do to you? She says if you think that I have snatched something from you, then you are wrong. I got whatever I deserved and what was in my destiny. She says I never thought you would do such a thing. We have become jethani and devrani, but I always loved you being my sister. She apologizes and goes to room. Laksh and Annapurna call her. Sujata stops Swara from going and asks what do you want to do? Want to start Mahabharat in this house. What did you get by getting cheap trick? Annapurna asks her to stop it. Sujata says no, and blames Swara’s character. She says why will Ragini add salt in her food. Swara says no. Sujata says truth will not change and says I understand your plan. Ragini looks on victoriously. Sujata scolds Swara and nods Ragini supporting her in plan. She asks Swara to be in her limits else it won’t be good for her. Swara looks on surprised. Sanskar feels bad, while Laksh believes on Ragini.

Ragini goes to her room and recalls adding salt in her own dish. Laksh comes to their room. Seeing Laksh coming, she starts acting and crying. Laksh says I can understand that you are feeling bad. He says Swara has done this? Ragini says why Swara is doing this with me. Why God is punishing me for her doings. She says you would have not saved me and let me die. Laksh says you didn’t do any mistake. Ragini hugs him lustly and smirks. Laksh asks her to stop crying. Ragini entangles her mangalsutra in Laksh’s suit.

Sujata scolds Swara. Swara says I didn’t know. Sanskar says Swara is not wrong. Swara says why I will do this. Why I will ruin my name and trouble family. Annapurna asks to end the matter and asks Swara not to do this again. She says lets make the arrangements for Muh Dikhayi Rasam. Sujata says today night, Ragini’s muh dikhayi will happen and not Swara. She says she will not let black spot put on her family name, and says Ragini is their only bahu. Annapurna says Swara is also bahu of the house and her Muh Dikhayi will also happen. Sujata says my decision is final else I will hang myself. Sanskar says mom. Sujata says this is my last decision for my family. Sanskar tries to say. Swara says my Muh Dikhayi will not happen if you don’t want, but please don’t hurt yourself because of me. Swara is going to her room and sees Ragini still hugging Laksh. Ragini stops Swara. She tries to get her entangle mangalsutra from his suit, which she entangled herself. She tells Swara that she needs to talk something important. She says I accept my defeat and accept all the accusations.

Laksh intervenes and says why? Ragini asks him not to stop her and says if you think I have done wrong with you, then I am ready to accept that. I accept that I have done that video recording, and I have made you missing on your wedding day, but don’t know how. Swara says you forgot that you pushed me in the river. Ragini says yes I pushed you. She accepts and asks her to let her family live peacefully. Swara goes. Ragini says Swara is not ready to hear me and asks Laksh how will relations get better. Laksh goes after Swara. Sanskar comes to Ragini and asks to come with him as he want to show something. Laksh stops Swara and says he want to talk to her. He asks what do you want? Swara says if I tell you reason, will you believe me. Laksh says no. Swara says why you are asking me? Laksh says it will be my decision to believe on your or not. He holds her hand and takes her from there. He asks her why you are doing this? What is your plan? He says it is my fault to love you. He says my family is bearing because of you. Ragini tried to commit suicide because of you. He says I know your marriage is fake. He says I was blinded by your love, but not anymore. He asks her to tell the truth? Swara says fine…….you thought I came here for some motive. You are right. Laksh says I want to know motive. Ragini asks Sanskar what is there in the CD. Sanskar says your kitchen doings are there in the recording. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini sits for her Muh Dikhayi Rasam. Dida comes and says she is not my grand daughter. Dadi and Dida argue and ask for competition between Swara and Ragini. Ragini and Swara play the musical instrument sitar and guitar respectively..

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