Tere Sheher Mein 26th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone asking Munnu to come fast. Amaya thinks its such big problem and Mantu is busy in work, he is thankless, I was mad to save him from his problem, he is stupid, they all saw problems in good clothes, what will happen now. Munnu comes there and they all get shocked seeing him. Munnu likes the dress and says its fitting is good, nice color, I will wear this in Rama’s marriage and dance. He asks why are they seeing him like this. Mantu smiles. Munnu asks who got it for him. Bua says Amaya, Rachita’s sister. Munnu says her choice is good, and asks her to do all shopping. He thanks her and shakes hands. She says you are welcome. He goes to get freshen up.

Sneha asks Amaya how did she know Munna’s size, I m proud of you. Amay thinks who did this, he saved me from such big problem. Mantu recalls how he broke into shop and made dress for Munnu by Barfi’s help. He also left note and money in the shop. Gajanand says haldi rasam arrangements are done. Nani tells about haldi coming from guy’s home. Gajanand asks about the things. Sumitra says about silver plate. He gets angry seeing a phone ringing. Amaya checks Mantu’s phone and looks for him.

She takes the call. The shopkeeper asks what nonsense, to break the lock and take cloth. She says she is not Mantu, she is Amaya, she bought clothes. He says someone broke lock. She asks what. Mantu takes the phone and scolds Amaya for answering the call. She says it was disturbing Nana ji, I helped you, I thought its imp, else I m not interested in you and your phone calls. He asks her to be away. She goes.

Mantu apologizes and says it was emergency. The man asks whats this way, police will see you. Mantu says I m not a thief. Rudra and Gajanand hear this and misunderstand Mantu. Amaya asks Mantu why did shopkeeper call you, tell me the truth. He asks her to mind her work and stay away. Jaz asks what happened to your charger, the wire is broken. Amaya says rat has bitten it. Mantu sees it and asks her. Amaya says mind your work and stay away. She thinks its good he does not know that I made light connection repaired. He thinks did she… no she won’t do.

Rama asks Mantu to come. He insists and takes Mantu. Mohini starts dancing on the song More piya….. darta hai mera jiya…………. Amaya and all the girls dance in the haldi and stop Rachita. Rama sees Rachita and smiles. Amaya imagines herself and Mantu. Amaya opens the door to go, and her hands will haldi get applied to Mantu’s shirt.

Everyone laugh seeing this. Rama says sorry, we were just going. Mantu says eys. Jaz and Neeti stop them and take them inside for haldi. Jaz says Rama could not stay without seeing Rachita. The girl asks why did Mantu come. Mohini says tell them you came to see me. The girl says about Amaya, and asks Mantu did he come to see Amaya. Mantu apologizes. Jaz says you have seen girls dancing, and will get punished now.

Jaz asks Rachita to apply haldi to Rama, and Amaya to apply haldi to Mantu. They haldi full haldi to Rama and Mantu. They ask the boys to dance for them. They cover dupatta on them. Rama says they won’t let us go, now we have to dance. They start dancing. They dance and run. Bua talks to Shamu and asks him to get some chemical saying she wants it to wash clothes. Sneha asks do you want anything. Bua says no, I was not getting signal in phone.

Nani says Rachita will apply the chemical mixed haldi and she will get pimples, she will feel ashamed. Sumitra gets glad. Nani mixes the chemical in haldi. Sumitra says see now the affect of my attack Chobey ji. Munnu asks Rudra to play dhol as he wants to dance. Rudra says fine, lets see how you dance. Munnu dances. Everyone smile. Gajanand asks about haldi. Bua says Nani is bringing it. Sumitra brings it and they all dance. Amaya says she will get Rachita and brings her. Sneha makes her sit and Pushpa does her aarti,

They all apply haldi to Rachita. Rama’s family women get glad..

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