Manmarziyan 26th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun and Radhika’s dance. Sam tells Neil that its her first dance with him always. She dances with Neil. Tumhe pyaar hai……………Neil asks Sam what is she doing with him. Sam says dance, this girl is not right for you. Neil says are you right for me. She says not at all, I don’t love you. He says no problem, why are you ruining my love life. She says I m your friend, I care for you, that’s it. He asks why is she jealous, I don’t love you, but I promise if you love me, I m ready to compromise, you have to accept it that you love me. She says no, I don’t love you, I just love Arjun. He says that’s why you left your true love for your friend. Nandini sees Arjun and Radhika dancing and gets irked.

She sees Sam with Neil, and leaves. Sam moves back. Neil holds her and asks her to think, if she does not want to accept, then let me go, if you don’t want to walk ahead with me, then stop leaving me behind. He moves away and goes to Sharon. Sam sees Arjun and Radhika dancing. Radhika sees Sam and says Sir.. Arjun sees Sam and leaves Radhika. Radhika leaves from there. She goes to Nandini and stops her.

She thanks Nandini and says you proved Arjun is a very nice man, you lost and I won, you wanted to insult me, and Arjun made my respect his respect, now you can’t break our marriage. Nandini says you are so innocent, Arjun did just one good work so you feel he is a nice man, when will you understand, Arjun will do what I say. Radhika says no, if he was bad, you would have told him about killing Sam and he would be with you, you know the day he knows the truth, he will leave supporting you. Nandini says whatever I do, Arjun will not leave me, even I kill Sam, you could not understand our relation.

Radhika says fake relations are not understood, but broken, like yours and Samrat, and like yours and Arjun which I will break, I told you I won’t go anywhere, you will go away from our lives, very far from Arjun, Sam and her family. Nandini says you give good speech, why don’t you understand, you can’t win doing anything, as Arjun is under my favors, I told him what all sacrifices I made for him, you say he is a good man, how will he deny anyone’s favors, I m Lord for Arjun, he will do what I tell him, what do you think, I can kill Sam and not you, I can kill you and anyone who comes in my way, whether its Arjun, you can’t win over me, you can’t fail me, I will never lose.

Radhika says I don’t have to make you lose, you have failed yourself today and smiles. Nandini turns and sees Arjun. Arjun looks on shocked. Nandini gets tensed. Radhika recalls talking to Samrat. She asks him to keep a party for her and Arjun’s marriage celebrations and she will return all happiness to Sam. Nandini asks Arjun not to listen Radhika, she is lying. Arjun says you have told all the truth today and leaves. Radhika thinks now she can move off Sam and Arjun’s truth. Sam asks Neil not to marry Sharon as he does not love her. He says right, as if you about love well, why do you talk in between my love. She says you are my friend, stop it, don’t spoil our friendship.

He says maybe this is the problem, which is stopping you from seeing the truth. He leaves. Sam says stop this nonsense and sees Radhika there. She asks what do you want now. Radhika says nothing, I came to return something, Arjun… Sam asks was he yours that you returning. Radhika says I m breaking some limitations, you always had right on Arjun and will always be. Sam asks how did her heart change. Radhika says love has explained me everything and also the pain not to get love, I can’t see your pain, you love Arjun, its true right, to get smile seeing his face, and to get tears seeing his pain… and describes true love. She says you have full right to get your love, I will go very far from Arjun’s life tonight. She goes.

Arjun comes home and sees his and Nandini’s pics. He sits crying recalling Nandini’s words. Nandini comes to him and he asks her to be away. She asks him to listen to her. He says I have heard everything, not anything more now, I regarded you Lord. She says I just said that to make Radhika go away. Arjun says Radhika made me identify you, you held my hand and made me your brother when I had no one, I did not know I m just toy for you. She says you are my life, I love you a lot, you are my brother.

He says enough, if you really loved me and regarded me brother, then please go from here, old memories are enough for me, if you stay here, those memories will also be snatched from me, just go. She says she loves him the most and cries. He says enough, either you go or tell me to go. She apologizes to him. He asks her to get away from his life.

Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. Radhika says she will win when she unites Sam and Arjun. Nandini says you will lose that day.

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