Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naitik scolding Naksh for coming here. Naksh says he was feeling guilty, he was selfish. Naitik says you have to be practical and asks him to think being in his place. Akshara cries. Naitik says hurting myself is easy, seeing son in problem is tough. The inspector says doctor said sardar won’t be safe fully if he does not get conscious till morning, then its impossible for you both to be safe. He asks Akshara to go home. She cries.

Akshara goes to the hospital and sees sardar ji. She prays for him. Raman and Sunny talk to him, and asks why did she come to do acting. They ask her to go. She says they did not push sardar, and came to see him. Raman says they can’t be bought and are not afraid. Sunny asks her to go. She says I will pray. Raman says I will give statement against Naitik and Naksh and get them punished. She leaves. Raman asks Sunny not to take tension. She sees the temple and prays to get help.

Sardar ji’s wife comes to her and Akshara apologizes, saying sardar ji is here because of her son, he did not do this intentionally. The lady says I trust you, I know Naitik and Naksh did not do anything. Akshara look on. She comes to police station and gives the proof that Naitik and Naksh are innocent. The inspector plays the CD on laptop. They see the video of Naksh going to argue with sardar, and Naitik stopping him. They all see it. It gets dark and its see that Naitik and Naksh are gone. Akshara says its clear that they both went when sardar fell. She says Sardar’s wife has told her about this recording, she wanted to see the proof to get culprit punished, she was shocked seeing the recording, there was someone else, I think it’s the one I m thinking, I m not sure. She says she can’t let any innocent person get punished and gives CD to Akshara. Akshara thanks her and the lady says if you support me, we can catch the culprit, I will think what to do.

They all get happy. The inspector says its seen they did not do anything, I would have left him, but I have to catch the culprit too, else anyone can say this footage is lie. Akshara says yes we will help, and tells about the man wearing bracelet. She says we can find him.

The elders are talking why did Akshara ruin Naitik’s sacrifice, what happened to her. Naira defends Akshara and says she loves Naitik and Naksh, and will bring them out of trouble, I m feeling bad hearing all this from you all. Sunny and Raman tells sardar’s wife not to worry, they will punish Naitik and Naksh. The inspector asks Raman about his statement. He cross questions him and Raman falls into the trap. He admits his crime and they all look at him. The inspector asks what then, how do you know this, no one was there, that’s why sardar was there. The inspector checks his hand and sees his bracelet. Raman asks whats in this. They all get shocked. The inspector arrests Raman and says Akshara was right, she has seen bracelet in his hands. Sardar’s wife asks why did Raman do this. Raman says he was greedy, he wanted to take the dhaba, Naksh and Naitik were fighting, I thought to use this, and I did my work when light went, I felt I won’t be seen in CCTV camera. Sunny scolds him. Bau ji asks him to get punished now. Raman apologizes. Sunny says you can do anything with him. Akshara slaps Raman.

She scolds him for being greedy, he has risked someone’s life for his greed. Sunny asks Bhabhi how did she get doubt. She says she had doubt when Raman said he will manage dhaba when sardar was in hospital. She gets doctor’s call and says sardar ji got conscious. Akshara says congrats and thanks her. The lady says it was necessary to catch Raman. Sunny apologizes to Naitik. The inspector frees Naitik and Naksh. Everyone wait at home. Naitik and Naksh come home with everyone. They all get glad and thank Lord.

Rajshri says we were very tensed. Naira asks about Akshara. Naksh says she went to temple to thank Lord. Naira asks them to see. Akshara comes and Naksh hugs her. He thanks her. Akshara says I m proud of you. He says I did what you taught, you are great. The elders apologize to Akshara. She says she has no complains. Naitik goes to his room.

Akshara goes to him and hugs him. He apologizes to her. She says no need, if I m a wife, you are a dad too. He says I told you a lot. She says its fine, and reminds his promise that they will not fight about kids. He hugs her and says we are back home, thanks, I love you. She says I love you too.

They go to meet sardar in hospital. Naksh apologizes to sardar. The sardar also apologizes and says he came in Raman’s words. Akshara says it won’t happen again. The sardar says he realized his mistake. He says you were in trouble because of me. Akshara says your wife’s goodness saved you today. Naitik asks him to get fine and come back to work. Naksh says yes, we have to fulfill challenge too. Sardar says I lost, as you have strong family, as dad and son are ready to go jail for each other. He says we will have clean challenge. Naks says we are ready too and they laugh.

Naksh tells Sanju that he wants to make everyone’s mood happy, its Teej and I was thinking. Naksh tells everyone that he is going to do something.

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