Sasuraal Simar Ka 27th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Uma says i have kept all the stuff with me. Mata ji says where is prem? why amar and sankalp aren’t back? Amar opens the door. Prem is with them on wheelchair. He is still not conscious. Sujata says what happened to my son? Rajhinder says please control yourself. Mata ji says its not time to cry we have to stay strong. Sujata says we wont lose hope. Amar says simar whats next? Simar says i will keep coming here and give you stuff that you will need. Switch off your phones everyone, amar you just keep yours own. And i have bought this new number if you need anything call me on this number. No one should make any noise here. Mohini will try to find where you people exactly are. You wont come out no matter what.

mata ji says simar don’t lose your hope. You can’t win this war without God. We are all with you. Simar leaves. Mohini and sunanda enter the house and face simar.

Mohini grasps simar bu hair. Simar says save me. Mohini says guess your famiy hasn’t heard your screams that is why they are not coming to save you. Mohini says what will we do to her afterwards?Mohini says are you scared? Simar? Don’t be scared. We will put you in the pot. Ask your family there i wans’t cruel to them.Everyone is the storeroom is overhearing. Mohini says i am witch i dont forget to seek revenge. I will leave you and spare your life. In return you have to tell me about prem. Simar gazes her. Mohini says don’t look at me like that. Just think about me too right? It is really important for me to kill me. SImar says even if i tell you about prem you wont be able to touch him. You don’t know powers of God. I am not scared of you.
Simar says i will fight you to save my husband. I will face you at all costs. Mohini laughs and says i will fulfill your wish. We will fight now.

Sunanda says now we will tell you whats more powerful or you wedlocket.
Mohini says What if i lock you in pot like rest of the family? Mata ji says we should help simar. Sujata says this is what mohini wants. She wants us to come out. Simar says leaves me. Mihini says we were begging same way when you called cops. amar says is she okay? Mata ji says i can’t see her like this. We have to berak this door but i can’t see her like this. Mohini says leave me. Mohini says get ready to go to half of your family. Simar says leave me end all this.

Precap-Sujata says this is the same mantra that she used to read while putting someone in pot. Is she putting simar in the pot? ..

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