Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita and Ruhi doing rituals in Mata Ki Chowki and recalling the last year one. They all sing the bhajan Jai Mata Di…. Manoj is doing the tests for Ishita’s fertility results.

Its morning, the family is ready for the marriage event. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to make Romi wear sehra. Ishita applies black dot to Romi. Pammi jokes on Romi and they all laugh. The dhol people come and they all dance on the dhol. Manoj calls Ishita and she is busy with family.

He calls again. She takes the call going in room, and says its her brother in law’s marriage, and asks about reports. He says yes, your reports have come, I know your pregnancy chances are high, but your womb is not strong and not ready for the baby, its tough for you to carry the baby. She cries. He ends the call. She drops the phone. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays…………..The family dances on the dhol and takes the baraat.

Ishita cries in the room. Raman asks Rinki about Ishita. Rinki says maybe she went to take puja items. Mr. Bhalla says we will get late for mahurat. The dhol stops. Shagun asks Manoj about the chances for Ishita, and cries knowing her negative reports. She asks him to do anything, Ishita does not deserve this. He calms her down. She goes to her room. He says Ruhi is so concerned for Ishita, she does not want me to tell Raman and Ishita about her, there is some history.

Ishita comes and smiles attending the function, and turns back being sad. She hears Ruhi and Shravan talking. Ruhi says I m lucky to attend my parents’ marriage. Shravan says but I have a small baby. Ruhi says I will also get one, Ishi Maa will bring, and asks her. Ishita cries. Pammi stops her and asks her to gossip. She compliments her. Raman comes there and takes Ishita. He romances with her and asks her to give some time to her to be child’s Papa, when she gets pregnant, what will happen then, what did Manoj say. She says I think we will get report soon, is this time to ask this, we will go in marriage. He says I have to spend time with my wife. She goes. He says once she gets pregnant ….and smiles.

Mihika takes care of Shitija. Abhishek compliments her. She asks do I know you. He asks why is she behaving so, is she angry. She says no, I don’t talk to strangers, he does not trust her and did not tell about Sarika. He says I can explain, Listen to me. The pandit asks for bride’s brother to do kanyadaan. He says we will talk later and goes. Abhishek does the kanyadaan. Romi and Sarika undertake the marriage rituals. Appa tells Sarika that she can come to his house, as he is like her father and its her Maayka. She smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says he is not less than Amma. Raman smiles seeing Ishita. Ishita stands sad. Romi makes Sarika wear the mangalsutra and applies sindoor. They take the wedding rounds. Everyone smile and shower flowers on them. Ishita prays that she gets strength as everyone is very happy now.

The nurse tells Raman to come and collect Ishita’s reports. He says he can’t wait, and asks her to say whats in reports. She tells him that Ishita can get pregnant, but her uterus is not so strong to carry the baby. He gets stunned.

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