Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27th August 2015 Written Episode

Nyonika asks the driver that how he got back so early and where is Nandhani. He says that Manik and his friend went to pick her up hearing this she gets angry and says that she told him to do it and why did he let Manik go there the driver says that Manik told him Nyonika gets angry and tells him to go away.

Nyonika tries to call Manik but he rejects the calls and does not attend it. Cabir asks why is he not attending it but he says that it is nothing and turns the music on.
Nyonika is worried and calls Harshad but he is busy to untie himself and cannot attend the phone .

Aryaman Mukti Aaliya and Naviya are having a lot of fun and Naviya says that there was a lot of fighting at her home when she wanted to come to Mumbai and when she finally arrived the fab5 gave her a lot of tough time and did a lot of things to her. Mukti and Aaliya both say sorry to her and then Aryaman says that he wants to know what they did to her but they refuse and so they have a drink and Aryamn sees Cabir and goes out to receive him and brings him in.

Harshad calls Nyonika and informs her that he got the bomb removed by his driver and asks her to make arrangements for him in a suite.

Aryaman gives him a drink and all of them start talking and so Aryaman says that the one thing inspiring about them is the friendship and no matter who tried to break it they always came back together. He says that he is thankful that they came because he was not expecting that they will come and when they did he was happy .They all have a lot of fun and Cabir pulls off a cover to find that it is a drum and starts beating then he has a duel with Aryaman and all of the really enjoy it. Naviya pulls a bottle of Champaign and says that she wants to open it Mukti says that she has a really bad wish list first she wanted a ride on the bike hearing this Cabir sees her with an angry face and now she wants to open this bottle. Aryaman is looking o the clock and Naviya asks why is he looking there and he says that he is trying to wonder when these attacks come and she says to them not to laugh at her and then does not give the bottle to Ayaman and Cabir and they are forced to show her.

Nandhani comes to and after seeing that Vishal is restless tries to calm and when she asks what the matter is he says that he wants to play cricket Nadhani says that she has to go to a party but first will check if he is okay and after confirming receives a call from Cabir who says that they will be at her house in ten minutes and so she has to come down. Nandhani after putting down the call tries to call Manik and Aryaman tries to call Cabir to say that the rakes of his car are not working but the car is going out of control and they crash in a tree. Cabir gets unconscious Manik goes out of the car to get help and suddenly the car goes up in flames.

End of Season 1?

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