Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meenakshi and Mohit apologizing to Bhabho. She says why did Lalima say against our family, I did not like it. Mohit says I think she is taking revenge, as Sooraj gave more importance to Lalima than you Bhabho, Lalima created wall between you and Sooraj. Bhabho scolds them as its their mistake too. Meenakshi says fine, but you trusted Lalima from day one, you trusted Sandhya like this, you always said Sandhya will unite home, what did she do with us, she broke trust and went, same will happen with Lalima. Mohit says Meenakshi is right, Lalima is not good, she can hurt Sooraj too inorder to take revenge.

Bhabho thinks they are not wrong, I misunderstood Sandhya, maybe there is something wrong behind Lalima’s intentions, I won’t let her hurt Sooraj. The kids have a talk about Lalima bringing Sooraj home. Misri asks does she want to take Sandhya’s place in this house, we won’t let her take Sandhya’s place, we will trouble her and make her leave. Pari says no need, elders won’t let her come, Meenakshi and Mohit are angry on her, Lalima is good as she exposed them.

Lokesh asks Lalima why is she doing this. Lalima says I did not see Sooraj’s mistake, his family cheated him, I have seen honesty and innocent in his eyes, like he is asking our help silently. He asks whats our relation with him, we will go home. She stops him. She says there is something that linked Sooraj and me, I just know Shiv ji wants this. Lokesh says world can’t understand such relations. She asks do you trust me. He says more than myself, you can never do anything wrong, I m your brother, how can I let you go there, how will you help Sooraj. She says even I don’t know. Emily comes there and hears them. Lalima says I just know I will understand Lord’s sign, he will solve this, I m walking on Lord’s path, he saved me from this big cheat, he will always support m. He says yes.

They make laddoos. Emily comes inside the shop and gives an envelop saying you wanted to give this to Lalima as gift on Rakshabandhan. Lokesh says Lalima did a lot for me, its my turn to do something, I chose an PM scheme for your better future. Emily says this is best gift, this scheme supports a girl, and explains the scheme. Lokesh says Lalima took care of me as parent, this scheme will take care of her.

Chandu comes to meet commander and brings the chip. The commander welcomes him and hugs him. Officer Singh sees them. Chandu gives him the chip. The commander says you made Garjana succeed, this was our dream, our one man has broken their security. The commander is glad and says now they will celebrate, and says Jai Garjana. Chandu says no, we will celebrate when we succeed in our masterplan. Officer Singh gets angry. Chandu asks did he talk to Charlie, when is he coming. The commander says he is on the way, he is coming, I told him that we got the chip, now we can start the mission to ruin Indian govt. Officer Singh thinks this is the chip they have stolen on 15th august, what do they want to do, I can’t let them succeed and take some action against them.

Officer Singh gets down the truck and tries hearing Garjana. She hides and gets close. Sandhya comes to the jungle with the boy, in the boat. Charlie comes there and meets Chandu. The commander gives the chip to him. Charlie says great job Shekhar. Officer Singh thinks Garjana is planning something big this time. The boy says he knows way till this point, no one is allowed to go ahead, you also don’t go, there are wild animals in jungle. She says no, its imp, I m troubled by Manjari’s taunts, you go, Garjana will do justice for me. He asks her to be careful.

Officer Singh sits on the tree and hears them. The commander tells congrats Chandu, we will attack Indian govt, they will lose to us. Officer Singh sees the device catching frequencies and thinks to inform police about Garjana’s plan to fail them. She tries taking the device. Bharat says where is Sandhya, no news about her after 15th august, I hope she is safe, did they…. No…..

The man says they are getting a signal from Garjana area. Bharat says pass signal fast. Officer Singh thinks now their plan will reach police headquarters. Bharat says I m unable to hear anything. The commander sees the device by hearing the sound. Officer Singh hides. The commander shuts the device and asks the men to find out. Bharat says is Sandhya is any problem, did Garjana catch her. He calls his officers and asks them to send their team to Garjana area. Chandu catches Officer Singh.

Sandhya is on the way running in the jungle. Officer Singh beats the goons and catches Chandu. Sandhya comes there.

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