Swaragini 27th August 2015 Written Episode

Ragini checks the video and it happens to be some other CD. Sanskar tells he wanted to give her a light heart attack and tells that this is the difference between her and Swara. He says Swara will never stoop low to achieve her motive. Ragini looks on. Swara tells Laksh that the current circumstances is because of Ragini. She says Ragini loves you and never let you leave from her heart. She says I would have moved from her way, but she got blinded in her love. She says she convinced me for marriage, and then acted with her sweet, innocent nature. She says my parents were separated because of her one mistake. I came here to unite my parents. Laksh hears her and says he will not get trap in her net. He says you might be feeling bad as I married Ragini. It was my decision to marry her. How can you punish Ragini for my doing. You came here to separate me and Ragini, and not for your parents. Swara says you think so wrong about me. Laksh says you gave me this thinking, and I know you love me even now, want to get me even now. Swara says I love you even now, but don’t want to get you now. I wanted to get you, but Ragini snatched my happiness. Laksh shouts asking her to stop it.

Sujata calls Dadi and invites her for Muh Dikhayi. Dadi says she will not come as she don’t want to see Swara. Sujata says only Ragini’s muh dikhayi will happen. Parineeta informs Sujata that Laksh and swara are fighting. Sujata asks her to tell Annapurna. Laksh tells I don’t believe you. You lied everything and Ragini suffered for your mis doings. Annapurna comes and asks him to stop it. She tells Swara that it is not right to come to Laksh’s room. Swara is about to leave. Laksh says 1 min. He says I want to bring my one truth infront of Swara’s 1000 lies. He says he wants to promise and asks Ragini to come forward. He apologizes to Annapurna and says he didn’t give wifey rights to Ragini till now even after marriage, but now after marriage specially infront of you Swara, I promised that I will give wifey rights to Ragini tonight. He tells I accept you as my right today and give you all the right. Ragini smiles victoriously. Swara is teary eyed. Annapurna asks Laksh to stop it and asks everyone to go to room. Ragini hugs Swara and says you are best sister in this world. You returned my love to me. She asks her to stop faking marriage with Sanskar and leave, as she needs to get ready for her muh dikhayi.

Dadi rings the bell. Dida asks have you gone mad? Dadi says she is ringing for her barbadi. She talks about Sanskar and Swara’s marriage to be fake. Dida says they got married. Dadi says their fake marriage will be exposed today. Sumi asks whose fake marriage? Dadi says daughter has done fake marriage, and mum don’t know even. She says there will be no muh dikhayi of Swara today. She invites all baadi people for Ragini’s muh dikhayi. Sumi wonders thinking what is happening. She comes to Dida and asks her about Dadi’s sayings. Sumi asks are you hiding anything from me. Dida says nothing is like this. She says you are trusting that marwadan. Sumi asks why she will say that Swara and Sanskar’s marriage is fake. If there is only Ragini’s muh dikhayi then it means they have not accepted Swara. Dida asks her to sit down and says everything will be fine. Sumi feels bad. Dida says Swara will have Muh Dikhayi rasam also in the evening.

Sanskar tells Swara that Ragini has turned the tables in her favor. Swara says we have to find the solution today. Sanskar says we have to be very careful as we have to fight against a double faced woman. She seems to be innocent, but she is very clever. Swara says it would be more difficult to convince Laksh once he consummate marriage with Ragini. She says whatever will be the circumstances, I will unite my parents. Sanskar says Laksh loves you. Swara says they are married, and I didn’t come here to separate them. Sanskar says how can you let your first love go away from you. Swara accepts that he was her first love, and says they might not meant to be together. Sanskar stares her and tells that he saw Shravan kumar like kids in books or TV, but now he saw in real life.

Swara gets Dida’s call. Dida informs her that Sumi is doubting her marriage to be fake and asks her to be part of muh dikhayi. Swara says how can it happen? I have promised Sanskar’s mum that I won’t do my Muh dikhayi. Dida shares her plan with Swara.

Dida comes to Maheshwari house and tells she is not my grand daughter. Dadi and Dida argue. Dadi tells that her grand daughter is not less than anyone. Dida suggests for musical competition. Swara and Ragini plays guitar and sitar respectively.. .

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