Manmarziyan 27th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika coming home. She sees Nandini with her bag. Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. Radhika says she will win when she unites Sam and Arjun. Nandini says you will lose that day. Nandini says it will be her big failure, she does not know heart breaking pain, she will know it when her life ends and pain does not lessen. Radhika asks what does she mean.

Nandini says its painful to see your love with someone else, it has no cure, you want to give your love to someone else. Radhika says I don’t love Arjun. Nandini asks really? Fine, then wipe this sindoor and tries to wipe it. Radhika holds her hand and stops her. Nandini smiles and asks what happened, you could not do it, you fell in true love with Arjun while keeping the fake relation, you will never be able to leave Arjun.

Radhika says you are wrong. Nandini says fine, do one thing, close your eyes and the first face that comes infront of you, tell me who is it, I m sure it will be Arjun’s face, because you love Arjun, god luck. Nandini says its strange, you took the revenge I wanted to get, Samrat will feel the pain seeing you and Arjun, Sam will feel the pain knowing Arjun was never hers, I won at the end Radhika, you made me win, thanks, take care of my brother. She leaves. Radhika recalls Nandini’s words and cries. She says she is lying and recalls Arjun and her moments. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………. She feels apologetic for Sam.

Sam comes to Neil teary eyed. Neil asks Sam what happened. Sam says Radhika married Arjun to keep me and Arjun away, Radhika is giving divorce to Arjun, you asked me to walk ahead with you, or stop pulling you behind, maybe our friendship was stopping me. She says she can’t go ahead with her idiot, I m sorry, we have to end this friendship. Ansoun me bighaati………….plays…………… He moves back.

Arjun sits sad in his room. Radhika comes there with her bag. She sees Arjun and says Sir…. He says today my darkness needs your light, if you leave me and go, I will get broken. She says you are not alone. He says you will catch my badness, and asks her to go away from him, where his shadow can’t reach him. He holds her face and wipes her tears. He asks why is she crying, for whom is she crying, for what could have happened… She says for what would have never happened. He says I know I don’t deserve your love, go, leave me in my darkness. She gets up and he holds her hand, asking her not to leave him, he is afraid to be alone.

He asks does he not deserve her pity. She says no, you deserve all the love possible. He says who will give me love, I m broken and shattered, is there anyone, will you give me a place in your heart, tell me….. She cries and says I have to go. He hugs her and asks her not to go leaving him today, he needs her. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………. They cry.

She wipes his tears and kisses his forehead. She holds his hand and takes her. She makes him rest and sits by his side, pacifying him.

Sam rests on Neil’s shoulder. Neil cries and says he won’t let her come back after she takes the step, he will go away from his life. She says our friendship became our biggest enemy, now I have to take this step and break friendship. Neil cries. Sam says she can’t love him if he remains a friend. She says you did a lot for me, listen to me. Neil says no. She hugs him and they cry. She says she will miss him a lot. He says his friendship will not be there, it ends today. She gets up to leave. He asks where is she going. She says to say her decision to Arjun. She leaves.

Its morning, Radhika wakes up and smiles seeing Arjun. She moves his hand off and gets Sam’s call. She recalls Nandini’s words, and thinks of Sam. She thinks she is sorry to Arjun, but she can’t snatch Sam’s love, she can’t break Sam’s dreams, she will go forever.

Arjun wakes up and looks for Radhika. He gets her note and goes to the door. Sam comes there…

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