Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 28th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Vinati says today Shreya will bring the tea and do all the work, this is my order. she goes in. Shreya says what has happened to her? Why she behaved this way? She has started ordering me. Elaichi goes in her room.

sanjana recalls what ajay said. That I can’t live with a third class girl like you. She swipes her tears. Bhushan comes to shop and sees Amar scolding at chandu. He says I am the new MD, now only my rules will apply here. No one will say what used to happen. Bhushan is taken aback. He says is there any problem? Amar says why are you late? Bhushan says i come at this time. Amar says I am the new MD now you will have to come early. Now go and start your work.Bhushan says did you have a quarrel? Amar says i will talk like this. I can do whatever I want. Bhushan says this is not my brother? Amar say call me sir not brother. I am your boss. got it? Now go to your work.

Bhushan tells kirlok everything. Kirlok says this is not possible. We have bought him up. Bhushan says papa dont get me wrong. Ajay was brought up by you too. Kirlok says ajay is just young. Amar is responsible and mature. I see myself in amar. I trust him completely. Sanjana takes out the divorce papers. She signs them. Agarwal comes in and says dont be hasty. Sanjana says i have some self esteem too. Sanjana says i have to sign these papers. There is no point on wasting time on this relation. I am right i know.

Samar comes and says mama i want to go to school. Vinati says you wont go to school. dadi says why wont he? Vinati says he will go to new school. This is a better people. All rich peoples’ kids come there. whole school is air conditioned. they use new techs. dadi says the child that has to study studies anyway. samar says yes i dont wanna go to new school. Vinati says you will go to new school. Elaichi says vinati. dadi says i will talk to amar. Amar comes in and says vinati did you sign the papers?
I got call from new school.

Sanjana calls ajay and says i have signed the papers. Come and take them from me. He recalls his moments with sanjana. End all this. He is dazed.

Precap-kirlok says to amar you changed amar;s school and changed interior of your room. You spent 5 lac. Amar says what is wrong with that. Vianti says mamma ji is making fuss on nothing. Elaichi says behave. Vianti says so giving us control was just a drama? .

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