Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan stopping Dhruv. Dhruv says I thought you came in my marriage. Bihaan says he has to stop this marriage. Dhruv asks him to think about both families, and mum… Vasundara comes in the hall. Dhruv asks Bihaan to go. Bihaan says no Dhruv and stops him from reaching the door. Dhruv asks why is he doing this, when Lord wants us to marry. Bihaan says Lord does not want this marriage to happen and pushes Dhruv. Thapki sees Dhruv’s pic and smiles. Aditi teases her.

The pandit asks them to call Dhruv. Bihaan stops Dhruv by switching the lights. Dhruv says you know I m scared of darkness, leave me Bihaan, even Lord can’t stop this marriage. Bihaan gets a rod there and recalls Vasundara. He hits on Dhruv’s head and holds him, while Dhruv falls. Thapki says she can take many births to marry a person like Dhruv. Kiran says she will go and get Dhruv. Bihaan apologizes to Dhruv and says he did this to save Vasundara’s life. Kiran comes there and Vasundara stops her.

She asks Kiran to get the gifts for guests, she will get Dhruv. Kiran goes. Vasundara comes inside the room and switches on the lights. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv, and shuts the door. She cries and takes Dhruv in her lap. He asks Bihaan what did she do. Bihaan says I was stopping Dhruv from going in mandap. Thapki says this CD will be my first gift for Dhruv from his wife, it will remind him those moments when we danced in the party.Aditi says you will become Mrs Dhruv Pandey soon. Bihaan says you make some reason mum, I fulfilled my promise. Vasundara says no, promise is not fulfilled, Dhruv can wake up and I can’t stop him, you have do something that Dhruv can’t do this marriage after getting up. Bihaan asks what can we do, so soon. Poonam worries for Dhruv.

Bihaan asks what shall I do, tell me. Vasundara says we have just one option now. He says I will do anything, tell me. She says Thapki should marry someone else, before Dhruv comes to his senses. Bihaan asks who will marry Thapki so soon. She recalls Bihaan’s words, and says you….. He gets shocked and leaves her hand. She says yes, this will be right. Bihaan gets up and moves away. She says yes Bihaan and gives the sehra to him. She says you will marry Thapki. Thapki smiles recalling Dhruv’s words.

Bihaan says no mum, I can’t marry Thapki. She says fine, let Dhruv get to senses, he will go in mandap and tell everyone, then both families will think wrong about you, you tell my mum that I forced you. He asks how can I marry Thapki. She says what shall I do, I can’t think anything, you are also my son, how can I let you marry Thapki after what all you did for me to stop this marriage, you are not less than Dhruv to me. Bihaan gets glad. She says I don’t want you to marry stammering girl, both my son’s life is at stake, Lord is testing me, we don’t have any option, tell me what to do. He says he will do anything, but not marry Thapki, forgive me.

He starts leaving. She asks him to think about the result, if marriage does not happen today, your Bau ji will lose all his respect and name, its just you who can stop this. He tells how Bau ji gave him a king’s life and made an orphan a prince here. Bihaan recalls Bau ji getting him home and telling Vasundara that he has adopted Bihaan, he has given him Pandey name, he will get love like Dhruv. She says your Bau ji did not care about anything, gave you all rights and loved you more than his real son, its your duty to save his respect.

She says you are not my own son, and still I gave you everything as my Dhruv. Bihaan recalls Vasundara giving him clothes and fruits. She says I m not your real mum, so maybe my love is less, I did not make you stay as stranger, you can prove this. Aditi tells Thapki about Dhruv. Thapki says Vasundara is so nice, she accepted me. Aditi says Dhruv is like Ram and Vasundara is like Kaushalya Maa. Vasundara asks Bihaan to run, but she can’t see her family getting ruined. She cries and emotionall blackmails Bihaan. He cries seeing her.

Bau ji asks Kiran to see Dhruv. Kiran says mum said she will get Dhruv. Vasundara asks Bihaan why did she save her. Bau ji sends Sanjay and Ashwin. Vasundara says she will die. Bihaan stops her. He gets dressed in Dhruv’s sherwani and wears sehra.

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