Sasuraal Simar Ka 28th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Everyone is worried for simar. Simar starts reading a manttra. Mohini and sunanda feel that their head is heavy. Sunanda says stop it. Mobhini says shut up. Simar goes and stands in the temple. Mata ji says this is simar’s protection. she is in the protection circle now. They cant enter it. Simar is safe now.
Simar says you are so proud of your blackmagic. come and stand in this pure place? Come enter this line of temple if you can. No matter what evil has to give up in front of God. Mohini says your God can’t save you for long. How long will you stay there? Simar says i can spend my whole life here. Mohini says without food and water? Mohini says you die of hunger. If you come out i will kill you in a while. Simar says good has to win in the end. Mohini says you thinking is still small.
You think burning Ravan is the win of good over evil. but you do this every year. This means you can’t win over evil.
Simar says whenever there is evil there is good to put an end to it. Mohini says i will die and take you with me. Sunanda says she shouldn’t gog out. Lets lock the main gate.

Mata ji says if mohini thinks a lock can stop simar then she is wrong. No one can stop simar now.
mohini shows simar key and says you are locked here simar. how will you go out? Simar says you can’t detain me here. I will find a way.
Sunanda says why is she smiling? simar says i told you God will show me the way. Mohini says you cant go out. try if you can. simar sees a window open and jumps out of it. Mohini stands up. Sunanda says dont go towards the temple side. Mohini says i guess she ran away. Sunanda says how will we find out where is the family? mohini says maybe they are at amar’s place? i don’t think they would take that risk.

Sunanda says my head hearts. Mohini please make me tea. Mohini says this is not my work. you go and make me tea as well. Sunanda says when bharadwajs were here they would make us. My waist hurts as well. i am making tea till then think where can they hide?
Sanju says i am hungry. uma says i will give you milk. The milk is rotten. Khushi checks the box she says there is no milk. Khushi says give this bread to sanju. Uma says we dont have jam and butter. Amar says i will try something. He calls simar and asks are you okay? She says i am fine. Amar tells simar that there is no food here and sanju is hungry. Simar says i will reach in a while.

Doorbell rings. Mohini asks sunanda to check. The girl with head covered comes in. Sunanda says you amba’s daughter in law? come in come in. Mohini says we don’t need you. Sunanda says no lets keep her. Mohini says she is a coward. Sunanda says she got scared. Pardon her. Mohini says no go from here.
Simar says should i make you tea? give me one chance i will serve you with all my heart. Let me live here. Mohini says just stay here as a servant. Sunanda says yes. thats all. go make us breakfast. Sunanda says clean this tea from table. Simar cleans the table. Mohini sees her hands. Mohini says till she makes tea come with me to the room i wanna talk to you. Sunanda says bring the breakfast in room.

Precap-Sunanda says this is sanjana’s handkerchief. Mohini says she wont stay alive for long, i will do blackmagic on her through this. ..

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