Jamai Raja 28th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with DD telling Nani that Sid is leaving his pregnant wife to drop a stranger girl to Malegaon. She asks Sid, do you know how far it is from Mumnbai? Roshni asks her to relax and says I told you to enquire about Ayesha’s parents. You people are here to take care of me. DD says nobody cares for Roshni like me. Ayesha gets sad. Roshni tries to cheer her up and tells I am not going far from you. She asks her to close eyes and gives a gift. Ayesha sees chocolate box and gets happy. She hugs her. Roshni says I miss you. Ayesha says I will come to meet you when my brother will come. She says brother or sister, who will come. Roshni asks her to come and see. Ayesha takes DD’s blessings. DD says it is okay, bye. She meets everyone and waves bye to Roshni. Roshni gets emotional and sad. Ayesha runs back to Roshni and says I love you aunty. Roshni says I love you too. Sid leaves with Ayesha. Nani Maasi says why everyone is getting emotional. She says Sid’s intelligence has gone, and says this girl is kaal for this home. Nani asks Nani Maasi to stop it.

Sid brings Ayesha to Malegaon. Ayesha identifies the place and tells that she used to play there. She sees a lady and calls her Surekha mausi. Surekha gets happy and asks where did you go? Sid introduces himself and asks for Ayesha’s parents. Surekha tells that Ayesha don’t have a father, and her mum went to the nearby village. She says she will keep Ayesha with her and will handover to her mum tomorrow. Sid asks Ayesha, did you come and meet me and Roshni. Sid asks her not to cry as she came to her house. They hug each other. Sid asks Surekha to take care of Ayesha. Ayesha waves him bye and goes. Sid calls Roshni and tells he dropped Ayesha with the lady. He says he is feeling strange. Roshni asks did you meet her mum? Sid says no, and tells about meeting mausi. Roshni suggests him to stay there for tonight until Ayesha’s mum comes back. Sid agrees and says he will come back after uniting Ayesha with her mum.

Sid enquires with the people about Surekha, and finally gets her address. He comes to the house and hears Ayesha screams asking them to leave her. Sid opens the door and sees goons and Surekha holding Ayesha. Ayesha calls Sid uncle and runs towards him. Sid gets angry. The goons try to beat him, but gets beaten by him instead. Surekha looks on shocked as the goons get beaten by Sid. All the neighbors gather and see the fight. Surekha tries to leave silently, but Sid stops her and asks her if she is not ashamed. Surekha starts acting and asks him to let her go. She says I will tell you truth, there is no one for her.

Sid looks at Ayesha. Surekha says I am very poor, and got greedy to earn some bucks. She apologizes and falls on Sid’s feet. Sid says I would have put you in jail if you was not a woman, and a relative of Ayesha. Ayesha sits on Sid’s shoulder and asks him to take her bag. Sid asks the neighbors about Ayesha’s home. One of the neighbor tells that he will take them there. Sid reaches the house and sees it burnt. Ayesha runs inside, saying it is my house. She says my house is burnt, what will I do now. She says mum left me, and I have only a address chit with me.

The neighbor tells Sid that 2-3 days before, the house was burnt. Her mum was hopeful to get Ayesha, and died when the house caught fire. Ayesha hugs Sid and says my mum left me. What should I do now? Sid asks her not to say that and promises to stay with her forever. He gets teary eyes and hugs her. He gets Roshni’s call asking him about Ayesha. Sid says he is coming home, and asks to inform his princess that he is bringing gift for her, that is her elder sister whose name is Ayesha. Roshni is surprised.

Sid calls Roshni. She feels pain and gets unconscious while trying to pick the call. DD gets shocked seeing her unconscious.

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