Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Officer Singh seeing the device catching frequencies and thinking to inform police about Garjana’s plan to fail them. She tries taking the device. The man says they are getting a signal from Garjana area. Bharat says pass signal fast. Officer Singh thinks now their plan will reach police headquarters. Bharat says I m unable to hear anything. The commander sees the device by hearing the sound. Officer Singh hides. The commander shuts the device and asks the men to find out. Bharat says is Sandhya is any problem, did Garjana catch her. He calls his officers and asks them to send their team to Garjana area. Chandu catches Officer Singh.

They ask her who is she, why did she come here. She says IPS Officer Agrima Singh, Indian police service, her duty has got her here, she has come to fail their plan against their country. She says till she and her soldiers are ready, they will not let anyone harm the country, their bad motives will never be fulfilled. The commander sees her and gets angry. He says what shall I say, bravery or foolishness, you came here knowing its Garjana’s area, did you wish to get medal, you should have done something to be alive after getting medal, whats the use to get medal after dying, what can a woman do. She asks him to open her hands if he is a man.

Chandu says free her hands. They free her hands. Officer Singh beats them and holds Chandu. They beat on her head with a rod and start kicking her badly. The commander asks them to tie her to the tree. Sandhya thinks where did Garjana take Officer Singh, she has to save her before anything happens. She sees the truck tyre marks going inside the jungle.

Sooraj asks Lalima to rest in his sister Chavi’s room, if she has any problem, he is here, and asks will she go leaving him. She says you trust me right. He says yes, I trust you that you will help me in finding Sandhya. She asks him to rest, they have to go and find Sandhya in morning. He says fine and leaves. Lalima sits on the bed. Meenakshi comes there and asks Lalima to get up. She asks whats your name, anyways I don’t care, this is Chavi’s room, why will you stay here without any relation, what are you looking like this, go from here. She brings Lalima out and says you feel we can’t see your smartness, no one likes you here, see there. Bhabho, Babasa, Emily and Mohit look on.

Meenakshi asks will she stay in Sooraj’s room without any relation, and asks her to sleep outside the door. Ved looks on from far. Lalima takes the mat and goes in the courtyard to sleep. Meenakshi tells Bhabho to see Lalima, and she feels Lalima came by some other reason. She asks Bhabho to do something. Officer Singh is tied to the tree. The commander asks whats the use of this country serving spirit, you don’t know what will happen now, I will show you Garjana power which you did not know. Sandhya thinks to find her soon. The commander says we will tell you why we stole this chip, and whats Charlie doing here. He says he will write history, and ruin the country on non violence day, there will be no one left. He asks her to see the sample of their plan.

Sandhya thinks to get a clue to reach Officer Singh. Chandu plays the laptop and shows the nuclear bomb data on it, saying they will be make nuclear bomb fall on India on Oct 2, you are a police officer and you will be knowing it. Officer Singh is shocked. Chandu says many lives will be dying, and shows the post effects of the bomb. Officer Singh is stunned seeing the pics and their plan.

They say Jai Garjana and commander tells Officer Singh about his deadly plan. He aims gun at her, saying your time has come. Sandhya is still running in the jungle and hears the gunshot, as commander shoots at Officer Singh. The commander smiles. Sandhya thinks did anything happen to Officer Singh and runs. The commander leaves Officer Singh and asks her to run and tell her govt about their plan, as she might be willing to do this. He says he will see how police stops Garjana, he is glad seeing her bravery, and that’s why he is freeing her. Officer Singh stumbles. She says she is not taught to run showing the back to enemy, this is her country, its her duty to protect her country, he can kill her, but she will not let her country get hurt, she is not shocked seeing foreigner, she is ashamed on his cheat thinking, he is born in this land and still ruining this land, she won’t let him cheat his country. He shoots on her leg.

Sandhya hears the second gun shot and thinks to find Officer Singh fast. Officer Singh says this country has made many brave soldiers. He shoots on her other leg too. Officer Singh says she will not let him succeed in his bad plan, if one officer dies, many officers will be born. He shoots again. Sandhya hears the ghun shot and stands shocked.

Officer Singh takes the fire and puts it near the chip. Garjana peope get shocked. Sandhya is still away and looks for her.

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