Tere Sheher Mein 28th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya asking Mantu why did he hold wire with current, what does he want to do. He says there was no current, that’s why I held it to show. She asks am I looking mad, I have seen your eyes, you are shivering till now. He asks her to go. She says fine, I have to know the truth and goes to hold the wire. He stops her and brings her outside, asking is she mad. She asks what did I do. He asks who gave you right to ask him. She says she wants the answer, why did he risk his life, why did he do this madness. He says I did this for Rama, to stop problems in his marriage.

She gets teary eyed and asks why did he risk his life, why he worries for her. He says I m worried for Rama, he is my friend, I can do anything for him. Amaya says they were just scolding me, why did you risk your life, why did he not think about himself, think about Chiklu once, tell me, why did he do this, if anything happens to him then… He says he does not care, he is mad and unable to hear anyone insulting her. She asks why Mantu.

He says you want to hear the truth, I can’t be silent if anyone insults you, I love you Amaya. She gets shocked. The lights come there. He says I love you more than my life, I don’t know when and how did this happen, but since I fell in love with you, I don’t think anything else, you are in my heart, I can’t bear anyone blaming you, you maybe thinking I m mad, but I can cross any limit for you, Amaya Mathur I love you. She happily cries and smiles.

He says he had hidden this thing since long, he could not tell her, he would have got mad if he did not tell today, now he wants an answer from her, he wants to know whats in her heart. Music plays…………….. She thinks how to express how much happy she became by his love confession, but she will think about herself once Rachita’s marriage is over. He asks her to say. Jaz calls Amaya. Mantu asks her to say and go. Amaya says she will answer him after Rachita’s marriage, now she is going. She smiles and leaves. He smiles and thanks Lord saying Amaya did not say me, but her eyes told me that Amaya also loves me. Amaya runs happily and makes flowers fall.

Sneha talks to Rachita and makes her have food. She says Rishi and her marriage was linked by love, no rituals, but she wanted to dream for her daughter’s marriage with all rituals, she is very happy. Amaya comes and hears them. She asks Sneha did she do any madness in love and smiles. Sneha tells about love and marriage. Amaya thinks to give some sign to Mantu that she loves him.

Rama tells Rachita that he has a shayari for her. He says the lines and compliments her. Jaz welcomes everyone in the sangeet and starts with Amaya’s dance. Amaya dances on Nagada sang dhol baaje…………..plays…………. Mantu smiles seeing her. Everyone clap for her. Gajanand tells Sneha that he will see guests’ food arrangements and goes. Rudra thinks how did he come here, he will fail my plans. Gajanand asks the man about the dishes, plates and scolds him.

Bua says she is hungry and wants to go and have food. Gajanand tells Dimple that guests should not come here till 20mins, he will see arrangements to get done soon. Rama’s family women come there to have food. Rudra smiles and thinks now he will enjoy their insult.

Amaya stops the ladies by talking to Neeti about Rachita and Rama’s dance. They all go to see Rama’s dance. Rama dances with Rachita on Tune maari entriyan…………..Amaya joins them and dances with Rama. She slips and falls down holding Rama. They all get shocked seeing this. Amaya says you danced well, maybe Rachita went being tired, I will see her. She goes to Rachita and says Rama was feeling bad, he is a nice guy. Rachita says if he is so good, you marry him. Amaya is stunned. Rachita says I did not mean that, sorry. Amaya says I understand, but what happened. Rachita says I wish marriage day never comes, something happens that her marriage with Rama does not happen. She goes. Amaya cries. Rama hears this and is stunned.

Sumitra talks to Dev, and says you said great news, see how I insult Gajanand tomorrow infront of everyone. Gajanand hears them.

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